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How do you reset radio code in 1999 e320 Mercedes Benz?


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AnswerUpon submission of your car registration and driver's licence to any Mercedes Benz dealership, a servicemanager will gladly lookup the respective radio code for the model car.Thereafter,save the code in a safe place and for easy access you can save the code on your cell phone.I got the hint from perusing a few answers from the answer list. .


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Radio codes are vin specific and can only be given to you by an authorized Mercedes Benz dealership.

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You'll need to have access to the radio code. You enter it into the keypad on the face of the radio, when prompted. If you don't know your code, you'll have to get it from Mercedes-Benz. Sometimes you can find your code in your owners manual kit.

Radio codes are Vin Specific and can only be given to you by a Mercedes Benz authorized dealership.

Radio codes are vin specific and can only be given out by an authorized Mercedes Benz dealership... you shouldn't be charged for this.

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