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you have to put the key in ignition, and turn the key to on and lock for ten times. this will reset the computer only . unhooking the positive from battery will do nothing with lights on dash if problem, wasn't repaired.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-16 18:27:16
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Q: How do you reset the computer in a '99 VW Jetta after unhooking the positive on the battery?
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How do you reset a 1996 jetta computer after reconecting the battery?

u shouldn't have to..

Which wires are positive and negative in a 2002 vw jetta?

If you mean the battery wires look at the battery terminals the positive terminal is always the biggest diameter

How do you reset a 96 vw jetta computer?

Disconnect the positive post from your battery for a few minutes, reconnect and let your car work the rest out. If it still comes on, you still have problems

Where is the computer on a 2005 jetta located?

where is the computer othe vw jetta

How do you reset the computer on a 2001 jetta after the battery has been replaced?

it should reset itself... if not, you may need to take it in to have it repaired

Can you replace a battery on a 1997 Jetta without messing up computer and causing it not to start?

Yes Of Course. When Replacing Any Battery Remove The Negative Cable First, Then The Positive. Then Installing The New Battery Install The Positive Cable First Then The Negative. Dear reader; Many computer equiped autos have no protection against damage if the battery is installed backwards. Some have fuses in critical circuits which offer some protection. Jump starting can also cause these fuses to fail. Dwight

How do you change the battery in a 2002 jetta keyless entry key pad?

how do you change the battery in a 2002 jetta keyless entry pad?

How do you rest the sunroof on a 2004 jetta after battery has been disconnected?

AnswerReconnect the battery!!

How do you put a Jetta in neutral when the battery is dead?

Jump the car from another car battery or hook a charger to the battery.

How do you change the speed sensor on a 1997 jetta?

take battery out under battery tray on Tran's

Remove door panels on 2003 Jetta VW?

i have a 2001 jetta and my key remote doesn't work.. i though it was the battery and i bought a new battery but it still doesn't work..??

Where is the cooling fan relay on a 2005 VW jetta?

On top of the battery

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