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What do you mean by reset? The computer can be reprogrammed with updates at the dealership with the Tech2 scanner via the internet connecting to GM.

On the fuse block under the hood pull the fuse marked ICM for a few minutes.Caution..doing this will erase any stored codes as well as memory that it will have to relearn.It will relearn this info after a few seconds of idling. If you change instrument cluster,You must go through a process to reset the theft system. 1.Start car.It will start,then immediately stall and go dead (the computer shut down the fuel injectors because there was a breech in security. Which is good, nobody can steal it. 2.Dont do ANYTHING! Dont turn off car,dont push brakes,dont open door..anything.The "Theft System" on the dash will be blinking.(LEAVE THE KEY ON) 3.Wait 10 mins it will stop blinking and stay lit. 3.Wait 10 sec. turn off key. 4. Now you can start the car and go. One more bit of trivial knowledge, the body control module is Incorporated into the mother board in the instrument cluster. So if anyone says to you, "The body control module would cause that".... You heard it here first....

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Q: How do you reset the computer on a 1997 Chevy Z24 Cavalier?
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