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fill the coolant reserve and the light should go out

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Q: How do you reset the low engine coolant warning light on a 2003 Saturn VUE?
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Why is your Saturn coolant warning light on?

The reason the coolant light is on in a Saturn vehicle likely indicates a low level of coolant. Filling the receptacle should fix the issue.

What is the warning light shaped like a radiator and the warning light immediately to the right of that warning light from a 94 Saturn SL2?

Coolant leak possibly no fluid in radiator, hence the picture of a radiator.

What is red warning light on 2000 Saturn with wavy line at bottom?

Low engine coolant level. Check and refill asap. The next light to come on will be the high temperature light. Look for a leak and get it repaired.

What is the warning light that has an wrench on a Saturn L300?

The engine warning wrench icon is a reference to a problem with the engine. The engine should be checked by a certified mechanic.

2001 Saturn sl2 warning light wave with arrow pointing down?

You need coolant.

2001 Saturn SL2 warning light wave with arrow pointing up?

Check your coolant level

Which condition will turn on the engine stop engine warning light?

Engine coolant temp running 220 degree F

2001 Saturn SL2 Can you help you identify the warning light next to the 8 on the tachometer It is a small rectangle with an arrow pointing down?

The light is the low coolant light. It is NOT an overheating light it just means your coolant level is low

What is the warning light located next to the check engine light on a 1990 eclipse?

if you are talking about the orange light that looks like (sorta) a house, it would be a low coolant warning light. apparently, that is supposed to be a radiator.

What does a red light with a fan mean?

That sounds like a overheating warning light. Allow engine to cool then check coolant levels.

Was told engine warning light was too sensative but ok to drive the engine coolant tank was empty and now the engine has siezed up if light was working properly would i have seen this?


Does a 95 Saturn sc1 have a low fuel light warning?

A 1995 Saturn SC1 does have a low fuel light warning. The light comes on at about 1/8 of a tank.

What does a particular warning light on your 1991 Lexus ls 400 mean you do not have an owners manual and cannot determine what the light is telling looks like a capital building?

it means low engine coolant just and coolant

What does it mean when a car with a wrench inside lights up on a Saturn L300?

The illuminated wrench light, on a Saturn L 300, is a warning that the engine needs to be serviced. An Amber light represents caution. A red light represents something more serious.

1986 nissan300zx with a warning light on that kind of looks like a carosel What does it mean?

According to a web site I saw that light means that the engine coolant is low.

What is the red warning light of a thermometer on instrument panel on Skoda fabia 2000?

Coolant system warning light. It should go off when you add coolant.

What is water icon on dash of 2001 ford escape?

If you mean the warning light just to the left of your engine temperature gauge that means that the engine coolant level in the coolant reservoir is low

What the sign in an opel vectra when it says check coolant level?

Unless you have the triple information display on your vectra there is no warning light indicating low coolant apart from the engine temperature gauge.

What is wrong when you start your 306 TD and you get a red warning light with red horizontal wavy lines and what looks like half a tub or bottle coming out of it on the right side of your dash board?

Coolant level warning light. It is either your coolant warning light, wiper fluid warning light or low tire pressure warning light.

What does the symbol on the ford windstar 2001 mean light bulb with an exclamation point inside?

On a 2001 Ford Windstar : That warning light means that one of your exterior bulbs has burned out ( the warning light between the door ajar warning light and the low engine coolant warning light , located in the lower right area of your gauge cluster )

Does the 04 Ford Explorer XLT have a low gas warning light or chime?

I was looking at the 2004 Ford Explorer Owner Guide and it has a picture of a instrument panel that shows a " check gage " light in the upper left corner by the engine coolant temperature gauge . The light comes on if the engine coolant temperature is high , the engine oil pressure is low , or ( the fuel gauge is at or near empty )

What does the radiator light on mean in a Honda Accord 95?

The yellow radiator light on your Honda Accord is an indicator of low coolant in the radiator. The red radiator warning light is an indication of the engine overheating.

What is the warning light to the right of the engine warning light on a Chrysler grand voyager?

it is a warning light of course

Does the 2001 Ford Explorer Sport come equipped with a fuel gauge warning light?

It has a " check gage " light if the fuel gauge is at or near empty , the engine coolant temperature is high , or the engine oil pressure is low

Water level warning light on BMW E46 does not go off?

if the car is not overheating it can be the coolant senser.More info is needed to give you a more accurate answer, are you loseing coolant?does your engine backfire ?have you checked your thermostat?