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How do you reset the maintenance service indicator on a 2006 C230 Mercedes?

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2008-10-18 17:12:56

The Key Players: Multifunction Display, Reset/Illumination

Button, Menu Buttons (left side of steering wheel), Display Buttons

(next to Menu Buttons, for moving around within the menu), +/-

Buttons (on right side of steering wheel) The Process: 1. Turn key

in ignition switch to position "1". 2. Press either Menu Button

repeatedly until the basic kilometer or miles display is shown on

the multifunction display . 3. Press the Reset/Illumination Button

3 times. (You'll hear an audible beep and the voltage is shown on

the multifunction display.) 4. Turn key in ignition switch to

position "2". 5. Press the lower Display Button. (The Service

Display appears with miles remaining/exceeded etc.) 6. Press the

Reset/Illumination Button 1 time. (The Oil Type menu appears in the

multifunction display.) 7. Select the engine oil grade by pressing

the +/- Buttons. (You may have only 1 option or multiple options

depending on your engine.) 8. Press the upper Display Button. 9.

Press the Reset/Illumination Button for 3 seconds to confirm. 10.

Press the upper Display Button to return to the Service Display

menu. 11. Press the upper Menu Button to display the kilometer or

miles reading. 12. Turn key in ignition switch to position "0".

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