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to reset service counter on rover 75 cdti,under the dashboard,drivers side(rhd) level with bottom of steering wheel you will see a 16 pin socket,find number 8 pin(top row right side of socket,use a thin piece of wire bared at each end,place one end in pin 8 and other end put to earth turn ignition switch to position one for five seconds then turn reset other functions follow same instructions but switch ignition to position two for 20-25 seconds.this works for me no problems.

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How do i reset my service light on my 2004 Nissan

The service light indicator on a 2004 Chevy Cavalier tells its owners when to send the vehicle in for maintenance. To reset the light, unplug the battery for five seconds.

please help me!!!! How do you reset service light for a 2004 holden commodore Calais?

i have replaced the plugs and wires and my service engine light comes again in 2004 land rover discovery

To reset the service engine soon light on a 2004 GMC Envoy you can remove the ECU fuse. ECU stands for electronic control unit.

The normal procedure for resetting the service light on most vehicle is to disconnect the battery for 5 minutes.

Removing battery ground cable for a couple minutes should reset the light

You can reset your 2004 Lincoln Town Car service engine light by scrolling to the oil life display. Hold the scroll button in until the oil life goes to 100 percent.

how do you reset change the oil light in a 2004 alero?

After repairing the cause of the code, you can clear it with a scan tool.

I am sure this is not the proper way to reset the light, but I disconnected my battery cable for ten minutes and it fixed the problem.

I am not sure about the 2007 model. 2004-200 Models: The answer is in the manual. If you do not have the manual: After you turn on the engine, hold the trip reset button until the service remainder resets.

Posted: Thu Sep 02, 2004 12:35 pm Post subject: Reset Engine Service Light - Saab 900 all years ---- Reset Engine Service Light - Saab 900 all years To clear "TIME FOR SERVICE" from the Saab Information Display, press and hold the "CLEAR" button for at least 8 seconds. A signal will be heard indicating reset. After the 21st restart of the vehicle, the "TIME FOR SERVICE" message will be cancelled.

how do i reset an airbag light on 2004 mazda premacy

how do you reset brake warning light 0n 745li bmw

The 2003-2004 Range Rover equipped with the BMW system has many hiden service modes that are not detailed in your owners manual.Resetting the Oil Service or Service Interval Message.Ignition key must be "off".• Press and hold the trip odometer button in the instrument cluster (left button), and turn the ignition key to the first position (KLR).• Keep the button pressed for approximately 5 seconds until one of the following words appear in the display: "OIL SERVICE, or "INSPECTION", with "reset".• Release the reset button and press and hold it again until "reset" begins to flash.• While the display is flashing, press the left button briefly to reset the service interval.After the display has shown the new interval, the following will appear: "END SIA".

I have a 2004 BMW. I had an accident and the air bag opened. Where is the reset button in the car and how do I reset it?

Disconnect the red terminal on battery and let it sit for 15-30 minutes, reconnect the battery and check engine light should be off because the computer has been reset.

The ABS light on a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am can be reset by connecting an OBDII code reader to the vehicle's computer. It can reset all codes and determine their cause.

The 2004 Grand Cherokee Larado will have an overhead display for drivers information. The service engine soon message can be reset anytime desired by simply pressing and holding the reset button until the message changes to read the mileage interval programmed. The same process is used to reset the trip odometer and the MPG calculation.

You have to reset it with a OBC scanner :-)

There is NO reset button for the Check Engine Light. The light is on because there is a problem with the emissions controls. The ECU has triggered the light to stay on, and has set one or more fault codes. To access the codes you will need an OBD2 scanner. Once the problem is repaired you use the same scanner to reset the light. Resetting the CE light without repairing the problem will do not good as it will just come back on.

How I can reset my BMW 650 CI service Due 75 K miles.?

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