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calarate it or turn the phone off then turn it back on

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Q: How do you reset your lg rumor touch virgin mobile phone?
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Does the rumor touch have to have a contract?

No it doesnt.It depends on the brand of phone you ave.I have the rumor touch for virgin mobile and i don't have a contract.

How do you get the Twitter App on the Rumor Touch for Virgin Mobile?

The phone should come with the app installed.

Where is the place you can get the cheapest virgin mobile lg rumor touch prepaid cell phone?

Carphonewarehouse of Ebay.

How cani watch videos on your virgin mobile phone?

if your phone is virgin mobile and it is a smart phone like a android or a lg rumor touch then it lets you watch for instant youtube videos if is not a smart phone then sorry you cant watch youtube

Can a sprint rumor touch be flashed to virgin mobile?


Is the Rumor Touch a reliable Virgin Mobile cell?

Any phone, including the Rumor Touch, is a reliable phone. People have different preferences when it comes to phones though. Tell a store associate what you want in a phone and they will tell you if the Rumor Touch is a good choice for you or not.

Can you unlock the lg rumor to use as virgin mobile?


How do you save pictures to your virgin mobile rumor 2?

You don't

Has the virgin mobile lg rumor touch been discontinued?


If you get the lg rumor touch on virgin mobile is it prepaid?

Yes I Have One(:

What cellphones companies carry the rumor lg?

i am 100% sure that virgin mobile and bell have the LG Rumor.

Lg rumor solo mobile msl code?

what is the msl code to unlock rumor for hard reset

Does the lg rumor touch for virgin mobile use sim cards?

Yes :)

Can the lg rumor touch by virgin mobile get apps?

yea you can. its simple, go to google and type in lg rumor touch owners. there should be a page similar to what i wrote and they will help you. this phone is worth the money

Are the lg rumor touch the same from virgin mobile and sprint?

if the tmobile phone uses a sim card then no, if it doesnt then probably. if the phone is locked you will have to call tmobile or lg for the unock codes

What brands of phones can you get with a Virgin Mobile phone plan?

The brands of phone you can get with a Virgin Mobile phone plan depends on what type of cell phones they have. Some of those include: the Helio,LG Rumor Touch, Kyocera Loft, Rim Blackberry Curve 8530. In fact, the last 3 are new phones that just came out.

Can you get the LG rumor 1 from virgin mobile?

Yes and also you can get them from sprint but they are not online you can get them at stores.

Does AT and T have the LG rumor 2?

no. only sprint has it. sorry. and i have that phone so i recommend swiching to sprint if you want that phone. I don't know if Sprint still has it, but I know for sure Virgin Mobile does. I know this because I have the Rmor2. Virgin mobile has unlimited txting, and web, 300 calling minutes all for $25 a month! -Present321

How much does a LG Rumor touch cost?

Sprint - $29.99. look at the website Virgin Mobile - $149.99

Can you unlock your lg rumor touch from virgin mobile and use it on Verizon?

Nope. Two different networks.

Where can people get a blue LG rumor?

It's the standard color for Bell Mobility in Canada, and Virgin Mobile in the USA.

Can you unlock your lg rumor touch from virgin mobile?

if you can get your spc code from them then type "debug" in the calling menu and enter it

Does the lg rumor have unlimited text?

That depends on the service provider you're with. The phone doesn't have UNLTD texting on it's own; you must buy it from your service provider (eg, Sprint, Verizon, Virgin Mobile, etc.).

Does Virgin Mobile offer cell phone tracking?

A lot of Virgin Mobile phones now have a GPS tracking feature added to their phones. They include the LG Rumor, which works in connection with location mapping services. Keep in mind though, there is a way to turn off the feature so a person cannot be tracked unless they are using 911 services.

Cheaper lg rumor 2 virgin mobile?

U can buy it at walmart online for 49 dollars p.s.....ur =)