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How do you resist temptation?

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It is very easy to resist temptation, especially if we are married. It may sound lame but as long as you know who you are and what you wanted in life, you can resist temptation. Yes we are all human and can make mistakes no matter what, but if we use the excuses that we are human being and always going to make mistakes, we're not going to have value about our life.

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Can we resist temptation?

yes it is possible to resist temptation, its is just normally hard to do. this also depends what the temptation is. but you would need perfect to resist any and all temptation and as we were made with free will were not perfect unfortunately. If the temptation was to commit some sort of sin the Bible will say that it is possible. If its temptation for an object or a possession it is defiantly is possible to resist, tho it may not be easy!

How does an atheist resist temptation?


Can you give me a sentence using resist?

It was hard to resist my temptation to punch him in the face.

How do you use temptation in a sentence?

The temptation of the chocolate was too great for Lucy to resist.

Why is resisting temptation important to God?

God wants us to be perfect, and to be perfect, you must resist temptation.

Example of an epigram?

I can resist everything but temptation (Oscar Wilde)

What is Brussels famous for?

I cannot resist the temptation to type: Sprouts !

What is a word meaning to not indulge in temptation?

Resist or abstain can apply.

How do Muslims resist temptation?

By fighting the inner evil self and disobeying it.

How do you put temptation into a sentence?

Temptation set in when I saw that delicious chocolate cake that mom baked.I had to resist the temptation of keeping someone's lost money that I found.When I saw all that delicious food, I had to fight my temptation and not break my diet.

How do you use the word resist in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences.Resist the temptation to eat her cupcake while she's gone!"You cannot resist my mind control!" the evil scientist proclaimed.Some people will always resist change.

In emmerdale do chas and carl sleep together?

yes they dochas just couldn't resist temptation!!!

Which Irish author and poet and playwright wrote you can resist everything except temptation?

Oscar Wilde.

I want 10 points about temptaion in English for my moral value assigment?

Temptation is something that seduces the observer. Temptation is something that weakens your will power to resist it. Temptation is something that is normally considered a societal taboo. Temptation is something that causes a shameless response. Temptation is something that corrupts your moral character. Temptation is something that excites lustful desires. Temptation is something that influences your behavior. Temptation is something that alters your thinking process. Temptation is something that changes what you would normally do. Temptation is something that brings guilt and shame after succumbing to it.

Why are men so attractive?

Because they have attractive lips, and they are good looking, and charming. You can't resist that temptation.

What does Strength mean in christianity?

the abilty to resist temptation and conquer your own mind of doing bad things

Why do you need to eat candy?

if you get sugar high, you would need to eat candy or you can't resist the temptation

One famously unable to resist temptation?

Pandora (of Greek mythology), and also Judas (of the New Testament).

What should you do in school if you are getting in trouble?

Stay out of trouble , resist the temptation of doing something bad fool

What creates the humorous effect in Oscar Wilde's saying I can resist anything but temptation?

Paradox creates a humorous effect.

Who plays biggest role to educate children?

I cannot resist the temptation !! Ooooh, this is a delight: I am going to type the legitimate answer to this..... Your Mom.

What Odysseus determined to do and what temptation does he resist?

Odysseus is determined to be faithful to his wife Penelope, and he resists killing, other women, etc.

Where can you get the cheapest automotive hand tools?

Try to resist the temptation to buy "the cheapest tools". -They seldom give you value or satisfaction.

Why should you go to New Mexico?

The question should be how can I resist the temptation and allure of New Mexico. If you enjoy travel, then sooner or later New Mexico will become a high point destination that you can no longer resist.

What to do if you like your best friends boyfriend?

Stop. Find someone else. It's not worth losing your friend to a boy. Resist temptation!