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To reverse a clip in iMovie select the clip to be reversed, open the Inspector, in the Speed section click the Convert Clip button, and once the clip is converted tick the Reverse box.

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Q: How do you reverse a clip in imovie?
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How do you reverse a clip on the iMovie app?

Go to Clip settings then click 'Convert Entire Clip' if necessary. Then check reverse.

Is there a video editing software that is not imovie that can reverse the clip?

Almost all video editing software can reverse a clip. If it does not it is not worth having.

How do you open the inspector on iMovie?

Double click the clip.

How do you adjust the speed on imovie for MacBooks?

To adjust the speed of a clip in iMovie hover the mouse over the clip that you have added to the project and a small blue button with a down arrow will appear in the corner of the clip's thumbnail. Click on the down arrow and select Clip Adjustments from the choices offered. In the panel that opens you have buttons to choose between Clip, Video and Audio. Click the Clip button and in the middle is a speed adjustment/reverse option. It may ask you to convert the video before allowing you to adjust the clip.

How do you put a video clip box in imovie?

Click on the Related Link below for the PDF files on iMovie. Perhaps the answer you are looking for can be found there.

Can you use still pictures in imovie?

Still images can be used in iMovie. The timing etc. can be adjusted in the Inspector panel as with any other clip.

How do you make slow motion in imovie?

you need imovie 09/11. I am not sure about imovie hd. anyways, 1. Double click the clip that you want to alter, the inspector should pop up 2. Make sure you are in clip adjustments 3. Click convert clip 4. Wait 2 secs and then you will be able to adjust the time of your movie.

How do you optimize a video clip on matchbook pro imovie?

Click File and then Optimize Video

How do you get the best quality from a Blackberry video clip on iMovie can you use a different format or is MPEG-4 a good quality format to use?

Mp4 is a good format for iMovie.

How do you film commentary video?

First drag the movie you want to do the commenty for into iMovie. Then record yourself speaking in another application on your mac, (watch the clip your speaking over while you speak over it so you know what your saying) then drag that voice clip over the top of the clip which you've placed in iMovie.

Can you change the opacity of videos in iMovie 09?

Opacity can only be changed with a Cutaway edit. Make sure Show Advanced Tools is ticked in the iMovie Preferences. Drag a clip from the browser over a clip in the project and select Cutaway from the menu of options. The added cutaway clip appears above the original clip. Double click the cutaway clip and you can change various settings, including the opacity, in the Inspector pane that appears.

How do you do slow motion in imovie?

Double click on the clip you want to change in the Project section and an Inspector window appears. In the Clip section of the Inspector is a Speed control. Slide it to the left to slow down and to the right to speed up. The percentage reading at the end of the slider tells you how much you have changed from the original speed. Click on the Reverse button to have your clip play backwards.

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