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the lobster catching guy gives u lobster after u help him find his lucky lobster trap, use the lobster on the light, it works like a wrench

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you use it to turn the light on the lighthouse

The light house is next the next place after the playground. If you mean Big Nate Island.

you find a torch outside of the light house and then you light the torch and when you duck when you are about to get hit with the leaves.

you use the lobster to pinch the lighthouse light and then it moves and the seagle moves!

To get the seagull away, you have to turn the lighthouse light. Use the lobster.

The lighthouse is the Fire Island Light, on Fire island, a barrier island off Long Island, NY.

When you first enter the lighthouse there is a torch right at the bottom of the stairs you just stand right by it with your torch equipped and voila!

You get rid of it by using the lobster to clamp onto the light in the lighthouse and turning it in the direction of the school.

the light house on poptropica is on the island

There is a lighthouse on Big Nate and Vampire Curse Island.

Go up the lighthouse and touch the light the lobster will grip the light and turn it right round

Big Nate IslandScare away the seagull from the bell tower by turning the lighthouse light to the left. -- You will have to go to Puffin Point and catch the photo blowing in the wind. Swap it for scuba gear and dive by the lighthouse to recover Cap'n Salty's lost lobster trap. Use the lobster to turn the light of the lighthouse.Ghost Story IslandUse the sardines from the tunnel at the prison to distract the seagull.

you get a lobster, then you go to the lighthouse, and use the the lobster by the light

Nabooti Island - the elephant bird will come and go on the Safari.Big Nate Island - turn the lighthouse light from the right to the left to scare the seagull off the school's bell tower.(see related questions)

# Pensacola Light # Point Arena Light # Point Loma Light # Point Lookout Light # Point Montara Light # Point Piños Light # Ponce de Leon Inlet Light # Pooles Island Light # Pulau Undan Lighthouse

With the lobster, go to the light and rotate it onto the seagull nest.

you use the lobster to turn the lighthouse light, it shines on the bird, and it flys away. simple :p

On poptropica Cryptids Island, the matches are used to light a lantern you get from the monastery (in the Himalayas) which eventually assists you in finding the jersey devil.

Bodie Island lighthouse was blown up in the year 1861. It was blown up by Confederate troops, who managed to sneak into the lighthouse, which was controlled by the Union troops then.

You have to get the lobster then turn the light on the lighthouse toward the clock and the bird (seagull) will fly away.

you have to get canon powder and light the canon the powder is in the shop on that island

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