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How do you run a DVD in CD-RW?

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You can not view DVD's in a CDRW drive. You also can not burn DVD's with a CDRW drive. You must obtain a DVD-R, DVD-RW, or DVD ROM drive

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What is the difference between a cdrw and a cdrw DVD-ROM?

A cdrw drive will allow you to both read and write cd's. A cdrw dvd-rom will allow you to read and write cd's, as well as play dvd's. This drive does NOT allow you to write dvd's.

What will happen if you insert a DVD in a CDrw drive?

Nothing. It will not be recognized.

What does a DVD CDRW drive do?

it can be used to write rewritable cd's

What parts are there in a Compaq computer?

Internal components, screen modules, and system boards are parts of a Compaq computer. Also includes as parts are floppy, DVD ROM, RW, and CDRW/DVD drives.

What are the types of optical disc drives?

types of optical disc drive are: cd,dvd,blueray,cdr,cdrw,dvdrw,mp3,mp4

Which is better hp refurbished hp nc6400 c2d 1.6ghz 4gb 320gb cdrw-dvd windows 7 home laptop notebook wifi or HP REFURBISHED HP NC6400 C2D 1.6GHZ 2GB 320GB CDRW-DVD Windows XP Pro Laptop Notebook WiFi?

Since the only difference in your detail - is the amount of memory (4GB against 2GB) - go for the 4GB machine. The extra memory will help Windows 7 run faster.

DVD Standards that are recordable and erasable?

DVD and DVD-RW are now widely available at local electronic departments. The ability to use the higher capacity media forms allows for the great back up potential and media transfer then their CD and CDRW counterparts.

Can run a mpeg file in DVD player?

The DVD player can run a mpeg file.

What type of optical drive is installed?

It is a CD, DVD, Blue Ray, CDR, CDi, CDRW, DVDRW, MP3, MP4, or any of a dozen other varieties of laser data readers.

What are types of examples of a computer?

Also included, are items, such as the monitor, motherboard, CPU, memory, graphics card, hard drive, CD ROM, DVD ROM, cdrw, dvdrw, peripherals, such as printers..

What is the difference between a CD-R and CDRW?

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Can a DVD run on PC?

Yes it can.

What is the name of the optical disk that you can save to multiple times?

Cdrw dvdrw

Can you run an operating system of a DVD-ROM?

Yes you can however the DVD-ROM must be made bootable and it will run with the RAM in your computer.

Can you install the DVD player software on your computer which does not have any DVD ROM so that you can run the DVD files which you have copied in your computer?

You will need to burn the files to a DVD for that you will need a DVD burner

Can a ps2 DVD driver run on a PC?


What runs automatically after the insertion of a CD or DVD into the appropriate drive?

Often on a CD or a DVD there is a file called autorun.inf This file will run when the DVD or CD is inserted into the drive, and it will run a menu or an installation setup.

Who can you run DVD on mini laptop?

Yes you can, as long as it has cd/dvd drive, should be on the side

How do you erase a cdrw disk?

well, it depends on what kind of softwear you had to burn your cd.

What are 3 formats of optical drive?


Can Linux run DVD-ROM discs?

It depends on the Linux you are running. There are thousands of Linux distros. It is possible that your distro wasn't intended to run DVD-ROM. But most Linux will run them.

How do you delete single pictures from a CDRW?

I believe that if you simply explore your cdrw in a separate window, you can just right-click the single picture and say "delete." I've done this before and I've never had a problem with it. good luck!

How do you run DVD in safemode?

There is no way to run a DVD in safe mode. DVD's can be burnt in safe mode and program disks can be installed in safe mode though.

Is there any good DVD replication software?

Need a DVD / DVD Duplicator that will just run, and run, and run without you needing to worry about it? The Elite Series DVD Duplicator plugs right into your PC and offers fast DVD and DVD production and 4800 dpi color printing. The super rugged Reflex DVD Duplicator will crank out discs all day, every day with its blazingly fast drives for the highest media compatibility, fastest disc production, and lowest reject rates in the industry

Does the run time on a DVD include special features?