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DOS normally execute .exe games.. .exe games can be run in each version of DOS..

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Q: How do you run an old DOS game on a new OS?
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How to run Aladdin dos based game?

Use any dos emulator like DOSBox

What are the functions of executable files in DOS?

Any application or game which you can execute/run in DOS environment.

When you try to open a dll file it says can't run in dos mode why can't it be run in dos mode and what is dos mode?

It can't be run in DOS mode because it relies on Windows-specific APIs. DOS mode is running the program in either DOS, or in a DOS box under Windows. Basically, it is saying that it can't run on DOS because it is not a DOS program.

How do you play 1993 game The Lost Vikings on Windows Vista?

This game was designed for MS-Dos, so you'll need to use a program such as DOS Box to run it. There are plenty of guides online if you look.

How do you get in ms-dos?


Can you install the sims from MS-DOS?

No it cant. The Sims needs at least windows 95 to run, and MS-DOS can only run DOS-type games.

What are the Disadvantages of using MS-DOS operating system over windows operating systems?

MS-DOS is old, very old by computer standards. It is not compatible with most programs and applications now. It won't run right or at all on most newer computers, printers or anything else. If you want to use dos you should have an older computer like 1993 and older. Dos will run older programs and software like 10+ years old but it will not run any windows program even old windows 3.1 programs unless it is installed. A few of those older programs were neat or were useful but most of of it is no where near as good as the new stuff now which is windows compatible. Dos can also be useful for anyone who is into basic programing.

How do you run program in MS-DOS?

There are mainly 3 kinds of executable programs in MS DOS, .exe, .com and .bat.. To run any command you need to just enter the command name without extension. For example, if you want to run game.exe, or game.bat, simple right "game" and press enter..

If your game doesn't have scratches or dirt on it why won't it work?

It depends what game it is. If it is run by electricity then the battery has propably run out and you will have to chage them. If it is a computer game and you have recently bought a new computer, it might not work because the computer has new software and the game might need old software.

Does Windows 2000 run on top of MS-DOS?


Use What is a solution for this program cannot run in ms-dos?

The only solution is to run the application in Windows and not from a MS-DOS only system.

What is the difference between DOS and the DOS prompt?

DOS is an operating system. The DOS prompt is the command line where DOS commands can be run/executed.

What is the DOS command applet?

There is nothing called DOS applet.. You can run Java applet from DOS..

Does Windows 98 run on top of MS-DOS?


What is a solution for this program cannot run in MS-DOS?

That program might not support MS-DOS..

Is batch operating system still used?

Not really but it is interesting to learn. Batch files are small programs that can be written in DOS. They also run in DOS. Any PC can get to the DOS shell by typing Start>run>cmd. To get out of the DOS shell just type exit. Go to amazon and get you an old book on DOS and it will also have info on how to write batch files, it may get you interested in programming because that's what it is.

Which operating system is used to run a dos application?

dos operating system

What do you write in RUN to open MS - DOS?

You can't run MS-DOS, windows is different operating system. You can type cmd to invoke command prompt. Also, you could install DOSBox to run DOS programs, OR install VirtualBox and install DOS inside it.

Is there a port of DOSBox to DOS?

No. However, it is possible to run the Windows version of DOSBox under MS-DOS and compatibles using HX DOS Extender. HX DOS Extender allows you to run a limited number of Windows applications under DOS. DOSBox, QEMU, Bochs, and a couple other emulators can be run using this method.

How can you run DOS on Windows 7?

Two easy steps!1.Run the CMD(Command)2.Now you're in DOS

Is Unix better than MS-DOS?

Yes and no. If you have the hardware resources to run UNIX/Linux then you should. DOSBox can run any DOS program in UNIX, so there is no need for DOS if you can run UNIX. However, if you have an older computer or an embedded system where UNIX or Linux would have too much overhead, DOS is a better choice.

Can you run .exe file in dos operating system?

Yes, if it is a DOS program.

What is MS DOS why it is called MS DOS?

MS DOS is the old operating system used on Microsoft Computers before Windows. It was text-based - you operated the computer by typing words on a command line. It stands for MicroSoft Disk Operating System.Your Windows machine still has a DOS emulator that you can access by typing "CMD" on the lower right where it says "Type here to search." You can run old DOS programs by downloading a program called "DOS Box."

How do you update dos 6.22?

You really don't. Updates during the creation was based on released versions. So the update for dos 6.00 was dos 6.2 then dos 6.22. Last MS dos was version 8 in sept 14, 2000. Essentially Reinstall the operating system. Delete your c:\DOS folder. Boot of the diskette or CD with the new version and run the installer. Optionally you should be able to just run the installer from the command line and overwrite the folder with the newer version

When is Himemsys required to run ScanDisk?

When it is run in MS-DOS mode.