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How do you run your AIR CONDITIONER the right way in your home?

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If it's a central A/C system, the best advice would be to find a comfortable temperature, set it and forget it. Also turn the fan switch on your thermostat to "Fan-On". The constant air circulation helps to even out temperatures inside, even if the outdoor unit isn't running.

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How long does it take for a home air conditioner to run out of freon?

after twelve thousand years, so don't worry

Is it ok to run a home air conditioner with windows open?

Yes, but wasteful, since you are burning extra gas.

Can a home air conditioner work on its side?

NO If the unit is on its side or upside down, the oil can run out of the compressor and it will seize up. They do make a vertical air conditioner to fit into the taller windows which open side to side.

How much is the labor for replacing a home air conditioner compressor?

I Beleive the labor will run you $300-$400 depending on your situation.

Can you run an air conditioner on its side?

No, the oil will run out of the compressor causing it to seize. An air conditioner can be stored on it's side but if it is allow 24 hours before starting it.

Can a 12000 BTU air conditioner run on 15 amp breaker?

A 12000 BTU air conditioner draws close to 15 amps. While it technically can run on a 15 amp breaker, you may want to use a smaller air conditioner to be on the safe side.

Do you need antifreeze in the radiator to run the air conditioner in a car?


Can a single phase generator run a 3 phase air conditioner?

No, a single phase generator can not be used to operate a three phase air conditioner.

Can a 1986 Cadillac run without the fan for the air conditioner?


Should you run a dehumidifier or the air conditioner?

That depends, is it humid? run the dehumidifier. is it hot and humid run the ac.l

Do you burn more gas with your air conditioner on?

Do you burn gas when you run your air conditioning in your cae

Can I have an air conditioner in the kitchen?

Yes, an air conditioner can be installed in the kitchen. The only issure with a kitchen air conditioner would be the amount of time it would need to run in order to compensate for the heat produced by the stove top or the oven.

What is the problem with my air coondition it only works on low?

air conditioner will not run ac lit flashing.but it run when you by pass from the relayed only run on low.

Is it more economical to run a 110v window air conditioner at night than to keep using your 220v air conditioner?

Use the air conditioner whose product of votage X amps is the lowest if you want to pay the least to operate.

2003 s-10 pickup air conditioner won't shut off when not in air conditioner mode?

If you have it in the defroster mode, the AC pump will run. This is normal.

Can a 2000 watt run a camper air conditioner?

Not really. A 2000W generator will give you about 10 amps. Your normal RV air conditioner will draw 12-15.

Does a small air conditioner use less power than a large air conditioner?

Yes. It costs less money to run a smaller sized a/c system.

Should you run dehumidifier and central air at same time?

It is okay to run a dehumidifier and central air at the same time. This will help keep the costs down for the air conditioner. If the dehumidifier is running, the air temperature will cool off quicker and the air conditioner can be turned up a little higher.

Can you run an apartment air conditioner on its side?

Cooling units need to be leveled.

What size wire does an air conditioner take to run?

220 volt wire

How long can you run a car air conditioner continuously?

Until it runs out of gas...

How much to run a 2 ton air conditioner for 1 month?


How does air conditioner make the environment warmer?

An air conditioner is used to cool the inside of a dwelling. Some might suggest the use of an air conditioner can contribute to climate change, due to the gases they run on. New units run on HCFC coolants, which are more environmentally friendly than the previously used CFC coolant.

Why do your car jerk while driving when you run the air conditioner and when its not running?

the air conditioner shouldn't have anything to do with it. there could be a problem with your tires or your driving or your kid could be jumping on the seat

Will a 1993 Grand Marquis run without the air conditioner compressor?

Yes. Disconnect the belt & it will run fine.