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find the bunny guys and by then you will get how to do it

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Q: How do you save carrot island on poptropica?
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When did 24 carrot island come out on Poptropica?

24 Carrot Island is the 4th island of Poptropica. It came out in June, 2008.

What was the 3rd island in Poptropica?

The 3rd Poptropica island was 24 Carrot Island.

What was the fourth island on Poptropica?

24 Carrot Island

On poptropica can you fly on 24 carrot island?

It is not possible for a person to fly on 24 Carrot Island on Poptropica. A person will only be able to jump on this level.

What island is after 24 carrot island on poptropica?

super power island

What island is the farm on Poptropica?

The carrot farm is on 24 Carrot Island, but someone is taking all the carrots!

What island on poptropica do you need a crowbar on?

24 carrot island

What island is slim slam on on poptropica?

24 Carrot Island.

What is the code for poptropica's 24 carrot island?

=== === === ===

When did they finish making 24 carrot island?

24 Carrot Island was the 4th island on Poptropica, and officially opened after the first three islands (Early Poptropica, Shark Tooth, and Time Tangled) in late 2007.

What is the third fastest island on poptropica?

24 carrot

Where is the warehouse Poptropica?

The warehouse is on 24 carrot island.

Where is the swamp in Poptropica?

There is a swamp in 24 Carrot Island

What is the command 24 carrot island poptropica?


What happened to monster carnival island on Poptropica?

It was never completed and released. It was replaced by 24 Carrot Island as the 4th island in Poptropica, in 2007.

What you do after you save after the second person on SOS island on poptropica?

what do you do after you save the second person on SOS island on poptropica

How can you get a house and pet on Poptropica?

You could get a house on Poptropica. But not a pet. To get a house you could get a house on 24 Carrot Island! It's on the carrot farm. If you complete 24 Carrot Island... you have a mystery roomate! You go thru the chimney to get in. Is that easy enough.

Is there a bonus quest for the island 24 carrot island on poptropica?

No there is no bonus quest

Will Poptropica save if you go to a different island?

Poptropica won't save itself but if you travel to a different island and then save after a while it will save everything you have done.

Where is the cockpit in 24 carrot island?

24 Carrot Island does not have a cockpit. 24 Carrot Island was released in 2008 and the main objective of the game is to stop the evil Dr. Hare from controlling Poptropica.

In Poptropica which 3 Islands can you find the pirates?

spy island, early poptropica,and 24 carrot

How do you get the wrench on 24 carrot island on poptropica?

On 24 Carrot Island you don't get a wrench. But you do get a pryer thingy. You get that by returning the hardware lady's cat to her.

How do you change the color of your hair on poptropica?

the diner in carrot island

Where is Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs in poptropica?

at carrot 24 island

What are the names of the rooms on poptropica on 24 carrot island?

on the map