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How do you save movies on to the playstation3?

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Does the PlayStation2 play Blu-ray movies?

No, but the PlayStation3 does

What is a Blu-ray player?

A high-definition Disc player; includes movies and games (Playstation3)

You wish to have a playstation3 for free?

i need a playstation3

How much does a playstation3 cost in India?

a playstation3 will cost $400

Can you save digital movies on a CD?

No, you can't save digital movies on a CD. You will need to burn the movies to a DVD storage device.

Can you play dragon quest on playstation3?

No, there was no dragon quest game released on playstation3

When was the playstation3 invented?

in 1920

What is the price of playstation3?


Do movies save automatically on moviestarplanet?


Can you play playstation3 games on playstation2?


What month was playstation3 invented?


Can playstation3 play dvds?


Can you use a webcam on the Playstation3?


When does the sims 3 come out on Playstation3?

its out

What year was the playstation3 released?


Can you make an avatar on Playstation3?

NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! if you were able to make an avatar on Playstation3 it would be copying Xbox 360 BUY XBOX 360 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who invented the playstation3 and where?

Sony did at it's company.

Can you play playstation1 games on playstation3?


When was the first Playstation3 invented?

Phil harison

When the Playstation3 came out and why it was popular?

jus jus

Can the playstation3 play playstation2 games?


When was playstation3 made?

sony on May 16th

In what country was the Sony playstation3 created?


Is Playstation3 Additive?

no because ps3 has no games.

How do you play online on playstation3?

I don't think you can.