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connect your psp to your pc using a data cable,then open your psp it will be in my computer at the bottom.then go to music and copy the song which you want in your psp then paste it in your pc and thats done.

(NOTE)you need a data cable

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Q: How do you save music on a PC from a memory stick?
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Copy music from PC to PC?

Find the place where the file is saved and use a memory stick.

How do you get music from a PC to a psp?

There a few ways but most of them require having a mini usb wire which can connect your PSP to your PC. You will also require a Pro memory stick duo. Also you can connect your memory stick directly to the PC but you will need an adapter to do that. - You must have formatted the memory stick first using the psp formatting device in the system tools menu. Then its a simple process of dragging your music to the music folder.

How do you download music to your ps3?

You can either get music from your PC and copy it onto a usb memory stick and plug it in there, or you can search on the psn store and there are applications where you can get music from

Are there any cheats for borderlands for PS3?

or use a memory stick, transfer the save across to your PC, use willowtree to edit the save then re hash calculatite it (link in youtube link) put your memory stick ack into ps3, copy save across and overwrite... yes

Once music is on a memory stick how do you download it to another PC?

I think you could put it in another document, but why would you put it in another pc? Hope this helps, Mark 1245

The instruction at 0x10078e20 referenced memory at 0x10078e20 the memory counl not be written?

This is usually caused by a bad memory stick. Open up the PC and remove the memory-sticks. clean the contacts with an eraser and blow away the remnants, reinsert the memory and restart the PC. If this does not work you may need a new memory stick.

If you lose your psp usb cable can you still download music onto it?

Alternatively, you can get a card reader and stick your memory stick in it and hen stick it in your pc. But other than that, you can buy a spare usb cable it's actually easy to find.

How do you transfer wallpapers from PSP to PSP?

put your wallpaper on the memory stick. than take the memory stick out of your and put it in the other psp and go to memory stick under photo and make it your new background. also you can plug it into the computer and transfer it onto the PC then put it on to the other psp by plugging that one into the PC.

Can a psp work on your PC without a memory stick?

no but you can still charge a PSP Slim

How do you download stuff on a memory stick for psp3000?

download your music. if you download it from itunes go to your itunes folder in your music folder. copy all your music. ince psp is connected via usb cable to pc, create a folder in the psp called MUSIC, and paste your music in their

How do you view a memory card on a PC?

if you have a photo printer you can stick the memory card in there or put it in your camera and connect your camera to the computer

How do you put music on Xpress Music phone?

Its Really Quite simple, First, take the memory card out. 2nd, Connect to your pc, using a USB port especially for that, 3rd, drop your music derectky into that file, (You can get Music from itunes) 4th save the files, disconnect USB and take memory card out. 5th, put the memory card back into your phone, and, voila! You got Musica!

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