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You can say "Magandang hapon din" or "Magandang hapon rin".

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In Tagalog, you can say "Magandang hapon din."

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Q: How do you say 'Good afternoon too' in Tagalog?
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How do you say i love you too in tagalog?

To say "I love you too" in Tagalog, you can say "Mahal din kita."

How do you say i think i love you too in tagalog?

To say "I think I love you too" in Tagalog, you can say "Sa tingin ko, mahal din kita."

How do you say peace in tagalog?

The equivalent for the word "peace" in tagalog is "kapayapaan" but we do not say "kapayapaan" in Tagalog, it's too awkward. In a conversation, there is actually no equivalent word for peace, but in spite of that we say "Peace" instead of "kapayapaan".

What is good afternoon in Austria?

Australians are notorious for taking something such as Good Afternoon, and deciding that there were too many words. So, Good Afternoon, became "Goday" and one word (or it sounds like one word!) which suddenly covered all the hours of daylight.

What is Very good afternoon to you too?

This phrase is a friendly greeting used to reciprocate someone's "good afternoon" wish. It implies a positive and polite tone in response to someone's well-wishing.

How do you say Good afternoon in Vietnamese?

Literally: Chào buổi sáng. But it sounds funny and too much like english. Vietnamese don't distinguish between morning, afternoon or evening in greeting.

What does bonne apres midi a toi aussi ma chere means?

Good afternoon to you too my dear.

How do you say you too in German?

how do you say good nighht to you too in German

How do you say do you eat too much in Filipino?

You can say "Kumakain ka ba nang sobra?" in Filipino to ask "Do you eat too much?"

How do you say have a good day too?

You can say "You too!" in response to someone wishing you to have a good day.

What is unfortunately in tagalog?

"Unfortunately" in Tagalog can be translated as "di-maganda," "malungkot na sabi" or "sa kasamaang palad."

What is the Tagalog of too much truth is uncouth?

Ang Tagalog ng "too much truth is uncouth" ay "ang sobrang katotohanan ay hindi maganda o bastos."