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Q: How do you say 'random' in sign language?
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What has the author Elaine Costello written?

Elaine Costello has written: 'Random House Webster's American Sign Language dictionary' -- subject(s): American Sign Language, Dictionaries 'Random House Webster's American Sign Language Legal Dictionary' 'Say it by signing' -- subject(s): Deaf, Education, English language, Sign language, Study and teaching 'Grandmothers Say It Best' 'Random House Webster's American Sign Language Computer Dictionary' 'Infinitives and gerunds' 'Verbs, past, present, and future (Structured tasks for English practice)' 'Religious signing' -- subject(s): American Sign Language, Christianity, Church work with the deaf, Dictionaries, Judaism, Sign language, Terminology, American sign language 'Random House Webster's pocket American sign language dictionary' -- subject(s): American Sign Language, Dictionaries

How do you say Olivia in sign language?

How to say Olivia in sign language

How do you say Chocolate Chip Cookie in Sign Language?

You can't say it in sign language because your hands can't speak! You can't say it in sign language because your hands can't speak!

How do you say 'bible' in american sign language?

To say "bible" in American Sign Language you would sign "Jesus" then "book."

How do you say Kayla in Sign Language?

There is no Kayla in sign language. U would have to uniquely make it up.

Is it proper English to say speak sign language?

You can't speak sign language but you can "sign".

How do you say garland in sign language?

how do you say hi in sine language

How do you say tower in sign language?

You can't "say" tower in any sign language. But if you'd like to know how to sign it, please see related links.

How do you say i can understand in sign language?

You make an I in sign language and then point to your head and then nod.

How do you say am in sign language?

there is no such thing as am in sign language. You dont use words like that.

How do you say you suck in sign language?

WikiAnswers will not provide such rude language.

How do you say crystal in sign language?

You can't say it. Sign Language uses your hands to speak, not your mouth. It is normally used by deaf people.

How do you say shadow in sign language?

One cannot say shadow in sign language. To perform the sign, move the hand across the forehead. Imitate drawing a shadowy figure in front of the body.

How do you say pregnant in sign language?

There are two different ways to say 'pregnant' in sign language. You can say it in the way of 'in being conceived'. You can also say it in the way of 'late stage of pregnancy'.

How do you say hi my name is grace in sign language?

You sign it.

How are you in sign language?

To say how are you in sign language you open your arms like you are pushing forward while swimming then sign R and then point at them.

How do you say your name is Melissa in sign language?


How do you say my name is Danielle in sign language?


How do you say down in sign language?

It depends on which sign language you are talking about. If you are talking about American Sign Language, the sign is made by using your index finger to point downward. This is also the sign for feet and ground, depending on context.

How do you say ryhthm and blues using sign language? is an online visual dictionary for American Sign Language.

How do you say Sabrina in sign language?

Proper names are usually spelled out in sign language. Google "manual alphabet".

How do you say Canada in sign language?

how to sign the canadian national anthem

How do you say 'you complete me' in sign language?

Probably would sign - You finish me or You make me whole.

How do you say outside in sign language?

You can't really say it, can you?

How can you teach a baby sign language?

There are many books and websites devoted to teaching parents and children how to do baby sign language. Sign language is taught to a baby by watching the parent do the sign and say the meaning. For example, if the parent is giving the baby milk, the parent would do the sign for milk and say the word milk.