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Q: How do you say 'vote of thanks' in a PhD viva?
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How can you say vote of thanks to a speaker in seminar?

There are a variety of ways that someone can say thanks to a speaker at a seminar. A person can say "thanks", or they can mention them in their speech.

How do you give a vote of thanks after a church harvest and thanksgiving?

There are many ways to give thanks for a church Harvest and Thanksgiving. One could simply say how thankful they are for everything they have been granted, for everyone who had been able to attend, the good health of their family and friends, and so much more. It is generally best to put some thought into it, and say the things that they are generally happy and grateful for.

How do you say she live in?

Ella viva en Tennessee

How do you say 'long live' in Spanish?

viva la

What do Mexicans really mean when they say viva la raza?

when Mexicans say ''viva la raza'' its for showing there pride for Mexicans and there country long lived the heritage

You just want to say thanks?

If you are asking how to say thank you then just go to that person and say thanks and what you are saying thanks for.

How do you say viva France in french?

vive la France

How do you say she lives in Tennessee?

Ella viva en Tennessee

How do you say hail to the redskins in spanish?

Viva Los Redskins!

How do you say live your life in portuguese?

Viva a sua vida.

How do you say many thanks?


How do you nominate games on sploder?

first you have to make sure you have an account and that you are signed in then there is a little bar at the top left corner just above the game box it will say nominate games if the contest has just begun or submit contest vote if it is a few days till the end taking into account that you can only nominate once on each game and once in total for the contest vote therefore it shall say thanks for your vote. find me Geoff on my website or FalloutSploderst, or my friend Sceptile thanks