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The English equivalent of the Latin statement 'Amor vincit omnia' is Love conquers all. In the word-by-word translation, the noun 'amor' means 'love'. The verb 'vincit' means '[he/she/it] conquers, does conquer, is conquering'. The noun 'omnia' means 'all'.

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Q: How do you say 'Amor vincit omnia' in English?
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How would you say true love conquers all in latin I know that amor vincit omnia means love conquers all?

Amor verus omnia vincit.

How would you say trust and love conquer all in LATIN?

Amor fidesque omnia vincunt.

How do you say 'love cures all' in Latin?

Omnia sanat amor.One of the beauties (or, to the learner, one of the great annoyances) of the Latin language is its flexible word order, made possible by its case system. The translation above is given in the reverse of standard English word order, with "All" first and "love" last, yet there's no chance of misreading this as "All cures love" because amor appears in its nominative form, and could not possibly be the object of the verb (nor could the plural omnia possibly be the subject of the singular verb sanat).Other orders are certainly possible, including the Englishlike Amor sanat omnia. If the "reverse" order given above is to be preferred, it's because it echoes the order of omnia vincit amor, "love conquers all", which comes to us from the Tenth Eclogue of the Roman poet Virgil (Publius Vergilius Maro).

How do you say amor in English?

It means love.

How do you say amor y amistad in English?

Amor y Amistad is Spanish for "Love and Friendship"

What is the phrase 'much love to you' when translated from English to Spanish?

Mucho amor a usted (formal way to say it) Mucho amor a tí (familiar way to say it)

How do you say 'Vinum victum totus' in English?

This is not really grammatical Latin. Is it perhaps an attempt to say "Wine conquered all" (Vinum vicit omnia)?

Mi amour how do you say this in English?

mi amour= French mi amor= Spanish my love= English

How do you say 'wisdom always wins' in Latin?

Sapientia semper vincit.

How do you say my everything in latin?

me is "my" and "everything" can be "all" which is omnia

How do you say in latin everything or nothing?

omnia aut nihil

How do you say Good night my love in spanish?

English= Good night my love.Spanish= Buenas noches mi amor

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