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How do you say 'no regret' in Latin?

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No regret = Nullum desiderium

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You may say 'koukai,' with the verb "to regret" being 'koukai suru,' written: 後悔 後悔する

"vita Est quoque brevis" which means life is too short to live with regret in Latin. I like it, its really smart!!

No. You can say "I regret not having checked that," or "You regret not having checked that." The word "for" is unnecessary.

To be annoyed, to dislike, to regret, to repent.

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To say "Who am I?" in Latin you can say "quisnam sum Ego?"

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How you say equal in Latin is "aequus", or you could even say "par" to say equal in Latin.

infitialis is the word we say in latin

To say the word lightning in Latin, a person would say the word "ignis." To say thunder in Latin, the word is "tonitrua."

There are no articles in Latin. (a, the, an)

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"Sī placet" is how you say "please" in Latin.

Te volo is how you say I want you in Latin.

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usually if you say something stupid like ur face or ur mom or something like that you regret being stupid and saying that, but also if you say something really rude you regret it

"Sadzit" is how you would say Heal in Latin (or Latvin.)

The word you use to say elder in Latin is "senior."

You say Aurelia Aurelia means Golden in Latin

To say her in Latin is eam or used as a pronoun it would be sua.

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"everto absum" is how you would say "be gone" in Latin.

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