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kegeln gehen - to go bowling

bowlen gehen - to go bowling


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They're going bowling = Sie gehen Bowling

In Germany there are two types of bowling as a sport.1. The German version of bowling is called Kegeln(translates as ninepins, which also describes the game: it uses nine pins instead of ten). The balls used for Kegeln are smaller than American bowling balls and they have no holes for the fingers.2. Bowling as it is known the USA is also very common in Germany.So, you either say Kegeln, which describes the German type, or you just say Bowling, then everyone knows that you mean the US-version.

The favorite German spectator sport is soccer. They have outdoor soccer and indoor soccer. Germans also like basketball, hockey and American football. They play bowling, but it's candlepin bowling and not tenpin bowling. The favorite German participant sport is weightlifting, especially the 12-ounce curl.

"je vais faire du bowling" or "je vais jouer au bowling"

Bowling-保龄 (bao ling) Bowling Ball-保龄球 (bao ling qiou)

to say where are you from in german you would say :Wo kommst du

AnswerPiste de bowling (see the Related Link below for the English to French translation at Word bowling.

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Translation: Bulinj (بولينج)

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Die Kegler. (That`s assuming, you are referring to the game of bowling).

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The German word for what is was.

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