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Qué te gusta

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Q: How do you say Do you like this in spanish?
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How do you say I like in spanish?

"Me gustas." - Platonic"Te quiero." - Something a little gustas is how you say I like you in Spanish Language.

How do you say what you are like in Spanish?

To ask what someone is like in Spanish, say, "Como eres?"

Ho do you say 'And' in Spanish?

y in spanish you say it like e

How do you say you like in spanish-?

You like translates to Spanish to be te gusta.

Ho do you say I Like in Spanish?

"I like" in Spanish is "Me gusta."

How do you say like what in spanish?


How do you say like in spanish?

Like in Spanish is gusta. It is usually used with le.

How do say i like puppies in spanish?


How do i say do you like me in spanish?

qhy do you like me

How do you say i have Spanish first in Spanish?

you say it like this: tengo español de primeras

How do you say do you like shopping in spanish?

The best way to say "Do you like shopping?" in Spanish would be "¿Te gusta comprar?"

How do you say I like your tan in Spanish?

I like your tan= in Spanish Quiero su bronceado