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Excellentia super omnia.


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Vini - 'I have risen above.' Vincam - 'I will rise above.'

To say gray in Latin, all you have to do is remember it is arementa! Hope i helped!

first you must swallow some bleach

"Familia ante omnia", meaning literally "Family above all else".

me is "my" and "everything" can be "all" which is omnia

Latin has the adjectives tranquillus, placidus and aequus which can all mean tranquil.

If you are trying to say 'that is,' which I take from your answer; then:There is no word for 'that' in Latin.You just say 'sum'-meaning is.For example, to say that is a young man, you would say 'sum iuvenis.'This is not correct. The Latin phrase for "that is" is id est, The example given above sum iuvenis does not mean "that is a young man". It means "I am a young man"

you say helmet in latin (casco)<- in latin

There are several ways to say Agreed in Latin, which will depend on the meaning: Conpactus, Compectus or Conpectus - All means agreed or in agreement

To say "Who am I?" in Latin you can say "quisnam sum Ego?"

How do you say determined in Latin?

How you say equal in Latin is "aequus", or you could even say "par" to say equal in Latin.

infitialis is the word we say in latin

He said "we are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act, but a habit."

Family above all else- Familie über alles

'Fides supra omnes' would mean 'Loyalty above all things.' 'Fidelitas ante omnia' would mean 'Loyalty before everything.' If you want to say 'loyalty above all', you would use 'Fidelitas super omnia.'

To say the word lightning in Latin, a person would say the word "ignis." To say thunder in Latin, the word is "tonitrua."

"High" in Latin is altus, -a, -um (which can also mean "deep"; it all depends on your point of view).

Navigo is first conjugation Latin, the translation being "I am sailing." Latin verbs come with tense and person indicators, telling you who (I, you, he/she/it, we, you all, they) does it and when.

There are no articles in Latin. (a, the, an)

Latin is the langauge from whence all Romance languages derive (Romance meaning of Rome). Latin, however, is an Italic language, as are all Romance languages. Latin does not derive from Latin, hence it is not Romance. In other words, i think he is trying to say ''no.'' : )

how do you say jewelry a necessary luxury in latin

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