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"Happy Saint Patrick´s Day" in German is:

Fröhlichen St. Patricks Tag

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Q: How do you say Happy Saint Patrick27s Day in German?
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Why is Saint Patrick27s Day called Saint Patrick27s Day?

There is no Saint Patrick27 Day.

What store is open on Saint Patrick27s Day?

All stores

Why is a leprechaun associated with Saint Patrick27s Day?

because you are dumb

What should you do to be lucky of Saint Patrick27s Day?

Wear Green

What rivers are dyed green to celebrate Saint Patrick27s Day?

I'm not exactly sure of all of them, but I'm positive that they are in Chicago, Illinois.

How do you wish someone a happy Saint Nicholas Day?

Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

How do you say Happy Saint Patrick's Day in German?

"Fröhlicher St Patrick's Tag" is the translation, but normally when mentioning an event one uses the original phrase..

What is 'Happy Saint Valentine's Day' when translated from English to Italian?

"Happy Saint Valentine's Day!" in English means Buon San Valentino! in English.

What is the connection between leprechauns and Saint Patrick27s Day?

A Leprechaun is a little green man that wants its pot of gold so its related to St. Patricks day because its green like a three leaf clover.

Happy Valentines Day in French?

how do u say happy valentine day in french

How do you say Saint David's Day in Welsh?

Saint David's Day in Welsh = Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Happy Saint David's Day! = Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!

What is Heureux Saint Valentin in English?

''Happy Valentine's day!''