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xinh chao

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Q: How do you say Hello how are you in Vietnamese?
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How do you say bye in Vietnamese?

chao (it also means hello but it depends on how you say it)

How do you say hello in vietnamese?

xin chao or chaoHixin chào

How do you say hello and goodbye in vietnamese?

If they are male, say chao anh, if they are female, say chao chi

How do you spell hello in Vietnamese?

The answer is chao`

Hello in Vietnam?

Use the Vietnamese dictionary.

What is hello in Vietnam?

in Vietnamese is xin chao.

What is the Vietnamese word for hello?

Just say "Xin chào". Vietnamese doesn't compare to English, so, any phonetic description, such as [sin chow] are weak at best.There's no way to speak Vietnamese exactly without hearing and watching how Vietnamese speaking.For more details, you can check the other ways to say Hello in Vietnamese.Chào (said with a falling tone) - Although on the telephone or loadspeaker they do say 'allo, 'alloXin Chào (polite)Chào Anh (hello to boy [brother])Chào Chị (hello to girl [sister] )Chào Ông (hello to man [old] [grandfather])Chào Bà (hello to woman [old] [grandmother])Chào Con (hello child) Chao Chau (hello neice/nephew/grandchild)Chào Em (hello to one younger than yourself)Chào Bác (hello aunty/uncle)See related links for a good channel for learning Vietnamese

How do you say vietnamese in vietnamese?

cô ấy

How do you say Hernia in vietnamese?

What is hernia in Vietnamese

What does xin chao mean?

xin chao means hello in Vietnamese

How do you say ok in Vietnamese?

how to say OK in vietnamese

How do you say mum and dad in Vietnamese?

Dad in Vietnamese is ba Mom in Vietnamese is me