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Vous me manquez trop cutie.

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โˆ™ 2011-03-05 12:37:52
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Q: How do you say I miss you too cutie in French?
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How do i say i miss you too in french?

Tu me manques trop

How do we say I miss you too in french?

'tu me manques aussi'

How do you say I miss you too my love in french?

Tu me manques trop mon amour.

What to say to guy you don't like when they say i miss you?

Just say i miss you too :)

How do you say hello my love in french?

You would say "Bonjour, mon amour" for 'Hello my Love' in French.

How do you say miss you too in spanish?

"I miss you too" is "Yo también te extraño"

How do you say I miss you too in Dutch?

'I miss you too' is in Dutch 'Ik mis jou ook'.

What do you say to a guy when they say they miss you?

if you like them too tell them u miss them to and get together with them :D

How do you react when some one says I love you to you?

if youre a girl you say aww and ily too if your a guy say thank you cutie

How do you say i miss you very much too in french?

In French, to say that you miss someone, you literally say that they "are lacking you".So to say I miss you very much too: tu me manques beaucoup aussiwhich literally means "you are lacking me a lot too".While visiting Quebec I had been told this....Je m'ennui Although, it translates to "I'm bored..." It is used asI'm bored without you.....but It's seems to be popularPerhaps, Je m'ennuie tellement de toi. would be betterTu me manques is used in a more committed relationship .

How do you say from me too in French?

From me too is 'de moi aussi' in French.

What will you say back if a boy says he will miss you?

Probably that I would miss him too.

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