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Romona hé beezus

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Q: How do you say Romona and Beezus in Chinese?
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Where does the movie romona and beezus?

school romona's house and Mrs. Meacham house

What year did romona and beezus come out?

Ramona and Beezus came out in year 2010.

What was Beverly clearly about?

she is an author for many childern's books such as romona and beezus.

How much did Joey King make from doing Romona and Beezus?


What movies has selena gomez been in in 2011?

She's been in Monte Carlo and I believe Romona and Beezus was a 2011 movie as well.

How old is Romona in Romona and Bezus?

Romona in romona and bezus, she was 8 or 10 in elementary school

Is Selena gomez in Beverly clearly books?

No, not really. Beezus is in the books, and Beezus is who Selena Gomez acted for in 'Ramona and Beezus' movie, but it doesn't say Selena's name in it, so the answer is no.

Who is beezus' named after?

She is given the nickname Beezus by Ramona because the latter could not say Beatrice when she first learned to talk its from the Beverly cleary books.

When did Murder of Romona Moore die?

Murder of Romona Moore died in 2006.

When was Murder of Romona Moore born?

Murder of Romona Moore was born in 1982.

Who plays as romona on the up coming movie romona and bezzes?

joey king plays romona.. any other questions about ANY movie go to

What is the birth name of Romona Faria?

Romona Faria's birth name is Ramona Faria.