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How do you say Thank you brother in Gaelic?

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Go raibh maith agat, a dheartháir is Irish Gaelic. Scottish Gaelic would be Tapadh leat, a bhràthair. (verify this one)

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How do you say thank you brother in Navajo?

Thank you older brother. 'Ahééhee' shínaí. litteral translation: Thank you my older brother. Thank you younger brother. 'Ahééhee' shitsiilí. litteral translation: Thank you my younger brother.

How do you say beloved brother in Gaelic?

Irish Gaelic: deartháir ionúin Scottish Gaelic: bràthair ionmhain.

How do you say brother in Gaelic?

deartháir = brothermo dheartháir = my brotherA dheartháir = if you were calling out to him.

How do you say god be with you brother in Gaelic?

You need to specify Irish Gaelic or Scottish Gaelic: they are two separate languages.

How do they say brother in Ireland?

deartháir in Irish Gaelic.

How do you say sister and brother in Gaelic?

In Scottish Gaelic: piuthar (agus) bràthair. Sister (and) brother.In Irish: deirfiúr (agus) deartháir.

How do you say thank you for the book in Gaelic?

In Irish you might say 'Táim buíoch díot faoin leabhar'. (I am grateful to you for the book). In Scottish Gaelic: ?

How do you say the phrase Thank You in Scottish?

In Scottish Gaelic thank you is tapadh leibh Pronounced "tahpæ leyv"

How do you say 'Thank you brother' in Afrikaans?

The translation of "Thank you brother" into Afrikaans is "Dankie my broer"

How do you say thank god in Gaelic?

Scottish Gaelic: taing dhan t-sealbh! taing a Dhia! Irish Gaelic: Buíochas le Dia

How tO say baby brother in Gaelic?

Irish: Deartháir beag

What is the Scottish Gaelic for 'brother'?

The Scottish Gaelic for 'brother' is bràthair.

How do you you say 100000 thank yous in Gaelic?

In Irish, Go raibh céad míle maith agat!In Scottish Gaelic ...

What is the Gaelic for 'brother'?

Irish Gaelic is: deartháir

How do you say thank you my love in Irish Gaelic?

Go raibh maith agat, a ghrá.

How do you say thank you my brother in Arabic?

You say it like this: شكرا لك اخي

How you you say thank you in Irish Gaelic?

Go raibh maith agat (to one person only).

What is the Gaelic symbol for brother?

There's no such thing as a Gaelic symbol for brother. The Manx for "brother" is "braar" In Scots Gaelic it's "bràthair" In Irish it's "deartháir"

How do you say thank you for making her smile in Gaelic?

Go raibh maith agat as cur meangadh uirthi

How do you say thank you brother in Hebrew?

תודה אחי toda achi

How do you say 'thank you friend' in Irish or Scots Gaelic?

In Irish, "Go raibh maith agat, a chara". In Scots Gaelic, "Tapadh leat, a charaid".

How do you say My brother in Gaelic?

For the record, "Gaelic" is used for the Scottish variety, and the Irish is called "Irish" at least in Ireland.That having been said:Mo dheartháir is the Irish andmo bhràthair is the Gaelic (Scotland).

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