How do you say Thank you very much in Swiss?


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Swiss=German SO.... dankeshon viele! means thank you very much.


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To say "Thank you" it is: "Misotra". To say "Thank you very much" it is: "Misotra betsaka"

Heel erg bedankt = thank you very much

Malo is how you say thank you in tongan. To say thank you very much is "malo aupito".

Tagalog translation of thank you very much: Maraming salamat.

'Thank you very much' is in Dutch 'heel erg bedankt'.

Thank you so much/Thank you very much:תודה רבה todah rabah

In the Philippines, they say "Salamat".Salamat - Thank YouMaraming Salamat- Thank You Very Much

Tangi (Thank you) or Tangi unene (thank you very much)

Hello = "Hola." Thank you very much = "Muchas gracias."

Hello = BonjourThank You Very Much = Merci Beaucoup

You say "Thank you very much" in Yoruba language of the Western African origin as "Ese gan".

Thank you - efharisto' and much (many) poli = many thanks or efharisto'poli efxaristo para poli =thank you very much

Thank you very much = "Shokran Jazeelan" /ʃɒkrən jəzi:lən/ شكراً جزيلاً

Thank you = Merci Thank you very much = Merci beaucoup

Thank you in Filipino is "salamat." Thank you very much is "maraming salamat."

"Malo"thank you very much is "malo 'aupito"

Thank you very much. How else do you thank someone?

he would say "thank ya...thank ya very much"

You say, " Thank you very much!"

Thank you - Toda - תודהThank you very much - Toda Raba - תודה רבהThank you - Toda - תודהThank you very much - Toda Raba - תודה רבה

Thank you is "tack" in Swedish. Thank you very much is "tack så mycket!".

"Tak" is the danish for thank you. "mange tak" means thank you very much.

Say "Thank you+for the compliment/very much."

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