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lo mas largo possible

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Q: How do you say as long as possible in Spanish?
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How do you say its not possible in spanish?

it's not possible = no es posible

How do you say as many as possible in Spanish?

Tan mucho como es possible

How do you say With GOD all things are possible in Spanish?

Para Dios todo es possible.

How do you say return as soon as possible in spanish?

regresa tan pronto como sea possible

How do you say scallops in Peruvian?

Scallops in Spanish is: vieiras or ostiones.Since Spanish is spoken in Peru, these are the possible translations.

How do you say how long in spanish?

Cuántos tiempo...

How do you say it's possible in spanish?

es posible puede ser (it can be)

How do say total possible points in spanish?

puntos totales posibles.

How do you say possible in Spanish?

Posible (pronounced poh-SEE-blay).

How do you say involvement in Spanish?

Involvement in Spanish has many possible translations, depending on the context: participacion; involucramiento; relacion.

How do you say long shirt in spanish?

camisa larga

How do you say go long in spanish?

vete largo