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Bananas in Spanish is plátanos. To turn "bananas" would be to "volverse loco".

However, a "banana" (the fruit) is also "banana" in Spanish in several countries, like Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and others.



2. Arg., Bol., Ec., Par. y Ur. plátano


In Mexico there aren't any bananas, there are "plátanos", as well. It depends upon the country.

bananas- plátanos

banana- banano

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It is the same, banana, or possibly plátano (but used for plantain, a different type of banana).

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Q: How do you say bananas in spanish?
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How do you say i love bananas in Spanish?

Me gusta el plátano Dialectal (bananas)

How you say bannas in spanish?

Plátanos = bananas.

What does platanos mean in spanish?

The word "platano" is the right way to say it in spanish. The word in English means platain.

How do you say Bananas are taking over the world in Spanish?

Los platanos estan tomando control del mundo

What is bananas in Spanish?

Bananas. Depending on locality, you might hear el plátano.

What spanish speaking country is close to the Bahamas?

the bananas?

You are texting your friend online. She asks you if you like apples or bananas. How would your friend say this in Spanish?

¿te gustan las manzanas o los plátanos?

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