The landlocked Republic of Paraguay is a neighbor of the South American countries of Brazil, Bolivia, and Argentina. It is the location of the Itaipu Dam, which is the world's largest hydroelectric power plant. Typical questions relate to the country's atypical respect for local cultures and native languages; land buy-ups by overseas investors; and politico-economic record as a fledgling constitutional presidential republic.

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Authors, Poets, and Playwrights

What is the name of a famous author from Paraguay?

Leading writers include Juan Silvano Godoi (1850-1926), Manuel Domínguez (1869-1935), Pablo Max Ynsfrán (b.1894), Justo Pastor Benítez (1895-1962), former president Juan Natalicio González (1897-1966), Gabriel Casaccia (1907-80), Augusto Roa Bastos (b.1917), and Hugo Rodríguez Alcalá (b.1918).

Countries, States, and Cities
South America

Bolivia is one of two landlocked countries in south America what is the name of the other country?

The other landlocked country is Paraguay. Paraguay is bordered on the northwest by Bolivia and the northeast by Brazil. Argentina borders Paraguay on the south and southeast.


How are Paraguay and Zambia geographically similar?

Both Paraguay and Zambia are landlocked: all the borders are shared with other countries and there is no coastline. Both have a major river as their southern border. Both are located in the southern hemisphere.


What is the capital of Paraguay?

The capital and largest city in Paraguay is Asunción.

Languages and Cultures

What languages are spoken in Paraguay?

The indigenous Guaraní language and Spanish are both spoken (and are both official languages). Most people speak Spanish, but even more speak Guarani. However, the truth is that almost everyone just mixes spanish and guarani to create a dialect called "jopara".

The official languages of in Paraguay are Spanish and Guarani.
Guaraní is the most spoken language in Paraguay, spoken by more than 90% of the population. Spanish is the second most spoken language, spoken by 87% of the population. Paraguay is a bilingual country, and both these languages have official status.

There are three

Paraguayan Guaraní, Spanish, and Guaraní

The most common language spoken in Paraguay is spanish considering that it is a spanish country in South America.
In Paraguay, the use the Guarani and the Spanish language. The most common language used is the Guarani with an estimated speakers of 4,650,000 (90 percent).
It's Mostly Spanish but they speak Spanish and guarani
Spanish and Guarani are the two official languages of Paraguay.

Spanish and Guarani are the two official languages of Paraguay.

Spanish and Guarani are the two official languages of Paraguay.

Spanish and Guarani are the two official languages of Paraguay.

Spanish and Guarani are the two official languages of Paraguay.

Spanish and Guarani are the two official languages of Paraguay.

Spanish and Guarani are the two official languages of Paraguay.

Spanish and Guarani are the two official languages of Paraguay.

Spanish and Guarani are the two official languages of Paraguay.

Spanish and Guarani are the two official languages of Paraguay.

Spanish and Guarani are the two official languages of Paraguay.

Spanish is spoken by the majority. Guaraní is also spoken.
The languages are we are here to destroy you.ohh sorry had a moment there
The two official languages sppoken in Paraguay are Spanish and Guaraní.

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Famous People

Who are some famous people in Paraguay?

A person who is pretty famous in Paraguay is Gabriela Rejala, 18 years old, Miss World Paraguay 2008.


Are there any famous mountains in Paraguay?

No not really. Cause the mountains in Paraguay are very small but ask Mr.Google he may tell you more

Animal Life

What are the major animals raised in Paraguay?


English to Spanish

What do you call the people from Paraguay in Spanish?



What is Paraguay's source of income?

(See the related link for my source.)

Imports: $3.832 billion f.o.b. (2005 est.)

Imports - partners: Brazil 30.9%, Argentina 23.3%, China 16.6%, US 4% (2004)

Imports totaled US$3.3 billion in 2004. Principal import commodities included automobiles, chemical products, consumer goods, tobacco, petroleum, and machinery. Brazil was the leading source of imports to Paraguay (24.3 percent), followed by the United States (22.3 percent), Argentina (16.2 percent), China (9.9 percent), and Hong Kong (5 percent). Experts note that import statistics are difficult to confirm for Paraguay because as much as half of all imports are illegally re-exported to Argentina or Brazil. Imports from Mercosur countries continue to rise, up to 57 percent in 2003.[2]

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Idioma que se habla en paraguay ademas del espanol?


Travel & Places

What is the population of Paraguay?

The population was estimated as 6,561,748 in 2011.
The population of Paraguay is about 6,500,000.

Borders and Boundaries

What is the name of the country whose neighbors are Brazil Bolivia and Argentina?

Paraguay is located on the continent of South America. Argentina borders it to the south and southwest. Brazil borders it to the east and northeast. Bolivia borders Paraguay to the northwest. Because of its central location, it sometimes is referred to as 'Corazon de America' ['Heart of America'].

International Cuisine

What is the most popular food in Paraguay?

Yucca - otherwise known as - is the most common food found on tables all over Paraguay. And its not just in the rural areas. Its eaten at nearly every meal, 365 days a year, most Paraguayans would not eat anything without it.

Mandioca is another very traditional food - shaped like bagels, they are made from mandioca flour (freshly ground), corn meal, Paraguayan cheese, eggs, pig fat/butter, anise. It is traditionally baked in a tatakua (guarani for brick oven) - that is dome shaped and heated using fire, the fire is then removed, the food is placed inside and the two openings are closed. The brick oven retains the heat (extreme heat!) and the food is cooked very quickly. Chipa is traditionally a Semana Santa (Holy Week - Easter) food. But it can also be purchased on any city/country bus by mobile vendors year round for 1.000 mil guaranies (very inexpensive snack). It is best served hot, it becomes hard when cooled.

Chipa Guazu is similar to a potato, its a root vegetable, 100% starch. Its filling and best eaten hot. In many countries it is fryed, however, in Paraguay, it is simply peeled then boiled - no seasoning whatsoever, not even salt.

Another national food - sopa Paraguaya. Sopa in Spanish is soup, but sopa Paraguaya is a corn bread made from fresh ground corn meal, eggs, pig fat or butter, salt, Paraguayan fresh cheese, onions (optional). It is a bit expensive to make for people in the rural areas, and is often a dish made for special occasions/holidays.

Chipa is another popular food, very similar to sopa Paraguaya. The difference is the texture, chipa guazu is "mushier" due to the corn being only slightly milled (to the texture of creamed corn, rather than corn flour used in sopa). It is quite popular during the corn harvest as it really only requires corn, eggs and cheese.

Asado, or barbecue, is a very popular meal particularly for Sundays and holidays. Beef ribs are cooked on a "parilla" or grill with only salt and lemon juice as seasoning. Pork is very popular, pigs are raised for 1-2 years in advance of a special occasion (such as a quinceanos - 15th birthday party for a girl - or a religious holiday). Generally it is prepared in a mix of lemon juice, cumin and salt and baked in the tatakua oven. Asado and pork are usually accompanied by a potato or rice salad and mandioca.

Meat, chicken and pork are also consumed with rice as "guiso" or stew. The meat is prepared mixed with white rice and onions, green peppers and tomatoes. Sometimes it is quite soupy, sometimes it is prepared thick and no liquid remains. This is also consumed with mandioca.

Milanesa is also very popular particularly for special occasions, both meat and chicken. The meat is pounded very thin then coated in flour and bread crumbs then fried. It is similar to country fried chicken but no gravy is used and it is very thin.

Empanadas are a popular quick breakfast or snack. They are generally purchased on the go, but sometimes are prepared at home as well. Empanadas are meat, chicken, or ham/cheese fried in a thin flat "tortilla" like dough. A mild hot sauce usually tops them.

Cheap red wine is mixed with Coca-cola for a refreshing beverage. Pilsen is the national beer, though Brahma (Brazilian brand) is even more popular, it is slightly more expensive and considered "finer." The Argentinian brand, Quilmes, is also quite popular as is Bahvarian.


What is a recipe for Paraguay's chipa bread?

1 Kilo (a bit over 2 pounds) of Yucca Starch

20 grams of fine salt (table salt)

1 Kilo (a bit over 2 pounds) of Mild tasting white Cheese (Mexican Queso Ranchero easily found in Stores)

7 eggs

150 grams of Lard (use crisco, butter or margarine as a substitute)

Anise to taste

2 Tablespoons of Parmesan Cheese (some brands have a stronger taste, if you find the chipa with a really strong cheese taste you can use less if you like)

Mix the lard with the eggs, then the cheese in small chunks, the salt, the anise and the parmesan cheese. Keep mixing and slowly ad the starch. Mix until the dough is nice and even. Bake for about 20 min in high heat (400F roughly).


Political Office Holders

Who is the President of Paraguay?

Horacio Manuel Cartes Jara is the President of Paraguay. He became the President of Paraguay on 2013 August 15 and is a member of the Colorado Party.


Paraguay is to Bolivia as what is to Honduras?


Paraguay is southeast of Bolivia (in South America), and Nicaragua is southeast of Honduras (in Central America).


When is Festival de San Juan celebrated in Paraguay?

june 24


What is the largest ethnic group in Paraguay?

Mestizo. 95%

Borders and Boundaries

What country borders Paraguay and Brazil and is a landlocked country?


Saint Patrick's Day

Why does Paraguay celebrate Saint Patrick's Day?

Wherever there are Irish people in the world, St. Patrick's Day is celebrated. There are Irish people all over the world, including Paraguay. So there would be people in Paraguay celebrating St. Patrick's Day.


What is Christmas like in paraguay?

Paraguayan Christmas is very catholic in most ways.


What are 5 facts about Paraguay?

Paraguay is a small, landlocked country in the heart of South America. Argentina borders it on the south, Brazil on the North, and Bolivia in the Northwest.

Asunción is Paraguay's capital.

Paraguay has two official languages Guarani and Spanish.

The majority of the population is Roman Catholic.

Industries include sugar, cement, textiles, beverages, wood products, steel, and electric power.

1.Paraguay is slightly smaller than California.

2. Paraguay has beautiful waterfalls.

3. Paraguay has a population of about 6,000,000 people

4. The mburucuyá, or passion flower, is the country's official flower.

5. The national dish is sopa paraguaya which is a corn bread with cheese and onions.


What do the following countries have in common Chad Hungary Paraguay and Swaziland?

They are all landlocked - none of them touches the sea at any point.
They are all landlocked. AKA: they have no coastline.
they are all landlock or in other words the dont touch the ocean

Countries, States, and Cities

What do the colors on the paraguayan flag mean?

Red stands for patriotism, courage, heroism, equality and justice

White for purity, firmness, union and peace

Blue for tranquillity, love, knowledge, verity and liberty.


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