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Đẹp (said with a low broken tone)

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How do you say beautiful baby in Vietnamese?

Type your answer here... that's a beautiful baby

How do you say beautiful boy in vietnamese?

You are a beautiful boy = Bạn là một người đẹp trai._ "a beautiful boy" is about the same as "người đẹp trai".

How do you say beautiful girl in Vietnamese?

in a nice way: beautiful girl = cô gái xinh đẹp in an offensive way: gái đẹp

How do you say we speak Vietnamese in Vietnamese?


How do you say Hernia in vietnamese?

What is hernia in Vietnamese

How do you say ok in Vietnamese?

how to say OK in vietnamese

How do you say mum and dad in Vietnamese?

Dad in Vietnamese is ba Mom in Vietnamese is me

How do you say bird in vietnamese?

Bird in vietnamese is chim.

How do you say smile in vietnamese?

Smile in vietnamese is cuoi.

How do you say baby in vietnamese?

Baby in vietnamese is em be

How do you say thank you in vietnamese?

''cam o'n ban.'' ok person that's how you say thank you in Vietnamese. need help in Vietnamese ask me!

How do you say cat in Vietnamese?

Cat in vietnamese is con mèo.

How do you say dog in vietnamese?

Dog in vietnamese is con cho.

How do you say river in Vietnamese?

"song" is the Vietnamese word for river.

How do you say the word duck in vietnamese?

Duck in vietnamese is con vit.

What is lwopard in Vietnamese?

Báo hoa mai is how you say leopard in vietnamese.

How do you say mom in vietnamese?

Me . but you have to learn how to say it

How you say for in Vietnamese?


How do you say me in vietnamese?


How do you say goodnight in vietnamese?

Goodnight in vietnamese is ngu ngonChuc ngu ngon

How do you say Anna in vietnamese?

The name Anna is simply "Anh" in Vietnamese. It is pronounced "un".

Have a goodnight in vietnamese?

what u mean how do u say goodnight in vietnamese, its {di ngo}

How do you say love in Vietnamese?


How do you say hey in vietnamese?


How do you say brother in Vietnamese?


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