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Sayonara is Japanese for goodbye.


Correct, but "ja ne" is a less formal way of saying goodbye. Kind of equal to saying "see you later."


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How do you say 'bye' in Japanese?

"Sayonara" is "bye bye" in Japanese.

How do you say god bye in japanese?

peace .

How you say bye in Japanese?

sayonara for good bye and jamatane for see you later

How do you say gooodbye in Japanese?

It depends on how formal you wish to be. Sayounara is formal, but you could say Ja ne or just bye bye.

What do you say when you leave a Japanese restaurant?

Bye would be appreciated. You can just look up the Japanese word for "bye". I´m sorry if this is a waste of your time.

How do you say good-bye in Japanese?

sayonara pronounces SYE U NRA

What is the phrase 'bye-bye' when translated from English to Japanese?


What is the word 'bye' when translated from English to Japanese?

you can just say bai bai, or sayonnara, or matta ashita (till tomorrow)

What is the word bye bye when translated in Japanese from English?

Baibai バイバイ means bye- bye

Why do people say bye?

BYE IS A WORD FOR SAYING BYE I WILL SEE U LATER IN BED!!!!!! its a sign of i don't want to hang out with retards so if someone said bye to you you shouldn't even call that person any more because he doesn't want to hang out with you anymore It is a shortening of goodbye, a traditional signing-off used in many languages. Russians say Dosvedanya. Italians say Arreivdercci. Japanese say Sayanora. Spanish say adios. Germans have several ways to say goodbye, but auf wiedersehen is the most well-known outside Germany. In France, au revoir means goodbye for now, and adieu means goodbye forever. BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE!!!!!!!(i like the first answer) <(*__^)>

How do you say good bye and good luck in Japanese?

さようならと幸運。 Sayōnara to kōun. although Japanese just say sayonara

What do you say when you are going to leave in Japanese?

さようなら means Goodbye or Bye

Who we can say GOOD BYE in japnees?

Goodbye in Japanese is Sayōnara (さようなら).

How do you say Bye in Latin?

To say bye in Latin you say "Vale" when you are saying bye to one person. To say bye to mare then one person you say "Valete"

Why it said bye bye not bye?

its not only bye bye you can just say bye.

How do you say bye bye in Ghana?

You say ga

How to say hello in Russian?

This is how you say hello in Russian: Privet=hello or Zdrastwuyte=hello This is how you say Bye in Russian: Paka=Bye or Bye-Bye=Bye I hope I helped you :)

How do you say bye bye in text form?

just say bye and get it over with!! l8ter

How do you say goodbye in Mauritian creole?

Most people say, "bye bye".. Otherwise they just say "bye"..

How do you say bye-bye lover in spanish?

I know that you say bye bye ciao ciao but i dont know how to say lover sry

How do you say good-bye?

To say good-bye in tagalog.. You can either say "Paalam" (PaUHlam). Paalam means good-bye in tagalog.

What is good bye in Japanese?


How do you say bye-bye in Iraqi?

Bye Bye Everyone

How do you say bye bye in India?

good bye

How do you say bye in twi?

Bye, bye oo!

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