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叫び (sakebi)

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Q: How do you say crying in Japanese writing?
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What is the word for 'crying child' in japanese?

You may say 'nakuko.'

How do you say Jun Xia in Korean or Japanese?

ジュン シャー /jun shaa/ is Japanese writing and reading of the name.

What is the word 'crying' when translated from English to Japanese?

"Naku" is 'to cry.' "Naite iru" is "crying."

What was the Japanese writing based on?

The Japanese writing was based on China's characters :)

How do you say crying in Filipino?

Tagalog translation of CRYING: umiiyak

Is Kanji Japanese writing?

Kanji is a type language in Japan. It is Japanese writing.

You are writing a naruto fanfic about utakata how would you say bubble release in Japanese?

Bubble Release in Japanese can be translated as "Shabondama no Jutsu".

How do you say crying in Spanish?

"llorando" means crying. If you wanted to say "i am crying" you would say "estoy llorando."

What does the writing on the Brobee Superhero Tshirt - SKU A746010028 - say?

The text is in Japanese katakana signs. It literally says buro:bi: - the nearest the Japanese language can get to Brobee.

What will you say mridul in Japanese?

ミルドゥル /mi ru du ru/ is Japanese writing of the name. However a native Japanese would pronounce the 'du' syllable as 'dzu', a merge of 'd' and 'j'.

If you were crying and then someone asks you if you were crying but you don't want them to know what should you say?

say i have really bad allergies

How do you say cry in Japanese?

To say cry in Japanese is "Naku". Although naku can mean many things, it is most commonly known for "cry"! Pronounced like this: Nah-koo. Here is the writing: Hope that helped you!