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You don't.

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Q: How do you say dark blaze rasengan justu in Japanese?
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How many rasengan are there in Naruto?

seven-colored rasengan,kyubii rasengan,gelel rasengan, twin rasengan (kyubii and gelel rasengan), crescent moon rasengan,oodama rasengan (great ball rasengan), super great ball rasengan, naruto-shion chakra rasengan, and rasengan the spriral chakra sphere,Determination rasengan,tornado rasengan,dark rasengan

What nicknames does Blaze Bayley go by?

Blaze Bayley goes by The Dark Lord.

Can 'Volcanic Rocket' be used to retrieve a 'Tri-Blaze Accelerator'?

Yes, it can. There is a difference between a "Blaze Accelerator" and a "Blaze Accelerator card". The first refers to a card called, and only called Blaze Accelerator, while the second means any card with Blaze Accelerator in the name. Therefore Tri-Blaze Accelerator is a 'Blaze Accelerator card' and can be searched out by Volcanic Rocket. Compare it to the various Dark Magician support cards. Because they work on "Dark Magician" and not a "Dark Magician card", they only work with a regular Dark Magician, not things like Skilled Dark Magician or Dark Magician Girl (unless specified).

Who is the black rasengan user?

It is not a black rasengan. It is a black orb with 2 rings around it made with dark chakra although it works in similar properties with the rasengan like when it hits, the victim is hit with tremendous bone-shattering force. Shinnō is the user of this jutsu.

What is dark Libra's special move?

Dark Libra's special moves are Dark wating, spike blaze, and dark weight

What is Japanese dark?

dark in Japanese is kurai

Is Dark Silver and Dark Blaze from sonic evil?

Both Silver and Blaze are good. Silver only attacks Sonic because Silver thinks sonic ruined the future

What is the Japanese work for dark or darkness?

Kurai is dark in Japanese.

Does mephiles the dark have friends?

yes,well at least he had friends! he was possibly friends with silver and blaze,well at least that is what silver and blaze thought.

What is dark rasengan?

Rasengan is a spinning ball of chakra futon rasenshurikan is made of chakra and wind Edit: What kind of f_ _ _ing answer is that? The Rasengan is a powerful A class technique invented by Minato Namikaze after observing the Chakra Beast Ball. The Rasengan requires no hand seals and solemnly depends on the highest shape of transformation of chakra in order for the user to successfully release this jutsu. The questioner did not ask for what a Rasenshuriken is. and you are still quite off. The Rasenshuriken is the advanced form of the Rasengan by adding the Nature Afffinity of Wind and Chakra Shape Transformation together to mold this double-edged jutsu.

Japanese word meaning dark?

Kurai means "dark."

Is Blaze good in Sonic and the dark Knight?

No. In Sonic and the Black Knight an alternate timeline exists within a storybook about Camelot and King Arthur's knights. Blaze is one of those knights and is not Blaze at all instead she goes under the name "Sir Percival".