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Irish:laoch dorcha

Scots Gaelic: ...

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In Irish: gealach dhorcha

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gealach dhorcha

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Q: How do you say dark warrior in Gaelic?
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How do you say God's Warrior in the Gaelic languages?


How do you say family of warriors in Irish Gaelic?

Treibh trodairí (warrior tribe).

What is warrior of christ in Gaelic?

In Irish "Celtic warrior" is "gaiscíoch Ceilteach".

How do you say dark treasure in Irish Gaelic?

stór dubh

How do you say warrior in Celtic languages?

Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, and Irish 'Gaelic' are probably the Celtic languages most people are somewhat aware of; Breton and the revived Manx and Cornish are not.In Scottish Gaelic 'warrior' can belaoch = warrior; hero; championàrmann = hero/warriormìlidh = warriorIn Irish it can be:Laoch = warrior; heroGaiscíoch = warrior; heroCuradh = warrior/hero; championIn Welsh (Celtic but not Gaelic):Rhyfelwr = warrior

What is the Gaelic word for 'warrior'?


How do you say warrior of peace in old Irish Gaelic?

Gaiscíoch SíochánaLaoch SíochánaThat's modern Irish not Old Irish.

What is the Gaelic for 'Warrior'?

Irish: laoch, gaiscíoch Scots Gaelic: Laoch or Cathach

What is Irish Gaelic word for female warrior or warrior is for a tattoo?

banlaoch / ban-ghaiscíoch

What is Scottish Gaelic for fire warrior?


What is the Irish Gaelic word for hero?

Laoch (warrior, hero); curadh (warrior, hero, champion); gaiscíoch (warrior, hero).

Was crookedpaw trained by a dark forest warrior?

No, Crookedpaw was not trained by a Dark Forest warrior. He was mentored by Mapleshade, who was a former warrior of ThunderClan. Mapleshade was not a Dark Forest warrior but sought revenge on ThunderClan for her own reasons.