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You said it just fine, except that in Spanish, you would add accents on two letters, like this:

Día mundial del árbol

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Q: How do you say dia mundial del arbol?
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How do you say what is the day after Monday in Spanish?

Que dia sigue despues del lunes?

How do you say happy three kings eve in spanish?

Feliz vispera del dia de los reyes.

How do you say in spanish tree of hope?

arbol de espera

How do you say 'about the other day' in different languages?

* In Portuguese = sobre o outro dia * In Spanish = acerca del otro día

How do you say I want to be with you every second of the day in spanish?

(yo) quiero estar contigo cada segundo del dia ('Yo' can be omitted)

How do you say Easter in spanish?

Formal spanish it's "Pascua" ressurection of Christ, informal it's "Dia del pavo!" Day of the turkey!

How do you say Dia Linn?

Dia Linn

How do you say world record in spanish?

World record in spanish is :récord mundial (el mejor logro del mundo) (The best result in the world)

How do you say Happy Thanksgiving in Thai?

สุขสันต์วันอีสเตอร์ (sùk săn wan èet-dtêr)

How do you say 'what part of the day do you have classes school' in Spanish?

¿A qué hora tiene / tienen / tienes / tenéis clases? (It's inferred that strange form: "¿En qué parte del día....?") En cual parte del dia tiene usted/tienes clases? (formal informal) (Accents on 'a' in 'cual', 'i' in 'dia')

How do you say Enjoy the food and have a great rest of the day in spanish?

Buen provecho, y que pases muy bien el resto del dia.

How do you say world war 2 in Spanish?

La segunda guerra mundial.