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Fünfzehn (pronounced foonf-zane)

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Q: How do you say fifteen in German?
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How do you say 115 in German?

einhundertfünfzehn (literally one hundred fifteen)

How do you say that you are fifteen in German?

Sie sind fünfzehn is the translation in German. It is translated from English to German. German is mostly spoken in the European countries.

How do you spell fifteen in German?

fifteen = fünfzehn

What does funfzehn mean in English?

"Funfzehn" is the German for "fifteen".

How do you say fifteen in French?

Fifteen is "quinze" in French.

How do you say 15.515?

15.515 = fifteen and five hundred fifteen thousandths.

How do you say fifteen in Filipino?

Filipino translation of fifteen: labing lima

How do you say fifteen in Welsh?

Fifteen in Welsh is "Un deg pump"

How do you say fifteen in Arabic?


How do you say 0.15?

Fifteen hundredths.

How do you say this number 15000000000000 in words?

Fifteen trillion.

How do you say I'm fifteen in French?

I'm fifteen is "j'ai quinze ans" in French.