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ru'akh khofshit (רוח חופשית)

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Q: How do you say free spirit in Hebrew?
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What is Hebrew Ruha Holy Spirit?

If you are asking how to say Holy spirit in Hebrew, it's Ruach ha kodesh. (רוח הקודש)

What is ruah Yahweh?

This is an attempt to say "God's spirit" in Hebrew, but the word Yahweh is not real Hebrew. It is an invented word that supposedly reconstructs the name of God.If you really want to say God's spirit in Hebrew, it is:Ruach Elohimרוח אלהים

How do you say free spirit in Chinese?

To say the words free spirit in the Chinese language you say ziyou jingshen. These words are said in Latin as spiritu.

How do you say free spirit in German?

Free spirit refers to one who is carefree. The term free spirit translates to freigeist in the German language.

How do you say Holy Spirit in Aramaic?

"Rukha d'Qudsha" (Koodsha) is the way to say "Holy Spirit"... "Holy" is not an actual word in either Hebrew or Aramaic. It is a Greek word and therefore, would not have been used by the Jews of the time. "Qudsha" is a derivative of the word "Qadyish" which means "Set-Apart". "Rukha" means "Breath", "Wind" or "Spirit". It is interesting to note that the Aramaic is very close to the Hebrew in this aspect. In Hebrew, it is said "Ruach HaKodesh". In both Hebrew and Aramaic, the word "Rukha d'Qudsha" means "Set-Apart Spirit".

What symbol represents free spirit?

A heart with wings i'd say.

How do you say Free Indeed in Hebrew?

its (hor)(bel-tab-e) in arabic

How would you say spirit cat in Hebrew?

spirit cat (male cat) = khatool rookhani (חתול רוחני) spirit cat (female cat) = khatoolah rookhanit (חתולת רוחנית)

What is free spirit in Navajo?

free spirit

Does cool translate to spirit in Hebrew?

No, it does not. Cool = karir (קריר) Spirit = ru'akh (רוח)

How do you say hand in Hebrew?

You say 'Yalda' in Hebrew

How do you say free spirit in Cherokee Indian?

I am not really sure what you mean but to say free coke in the Indian language you have to say 'nishulk coke' or you can go to google translate and set the language you want to translate in hindi.