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Why would you want to speak Brazilian. Just speak sloth or antelope.


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Good morning, on the Brazilian portuguese language is " Bom dia ".

Brazilian is not a language. Portuguese. And you say "Bem-Vindo(a)"

"Brazilian" is not a language, however Brazilians speak Portuguese. You say "Alimento"

'brazilian' is not a language --' they speak portuguese and 'sujo' would be the answer

Brazilian is not a language, but Portuguese. And you'd say "por favor" (pronouncing poor-favor)

Onde está my real amor? But the Brazilian language is Portuguese!

There is no language called Brazilian. However, there is a dialect of the Portuguese language called Brazilian Portuguese. The verb "to attack" is "atacar". The imperative "attack" is "ataque". The noun "attack" is "ataque".

Brazilian isn't a language. But Portuguese which is what we speak you say "Feliz Ano Novo"

The language spoken in Brazil is not called Brazilian, it is Portugese. If you re-phrase your question, you may get the answer that you seek.

Eu não entendo português.

The language spoken in Brazil is Portuguese - not Brazilian. The word "friend" in Portuguese is "amigo" (male) or "amiga" (female).

There is not a language called Brazilian. Papai Noel is the Portuguese for Santa Claus. Here in Brazil we speak Portuguese.

"Porta-te bem" - informal portugal's portuguese "Porte-se bem" Formal portugal's portuguese / Brazilian portuguese

Brazilian Portuguese which is a dialect of Portuguese from Portugal

Brazilian is not a language. They speak portuguese in Brazil. Cristo está connosco, tenha um feliz Natal.

You say "I am good" in Maasai language of the African origin as "Epa!".

Boa sorte, amigo. Good luck, friend.

The Brazilian Portuguese phrase for 'good night' is Boa Noite, which is pronounced as BO-uh NOY-chee.

There is no such language as Brazilian. The language most people in Brazil speak is Portuguese. Portugal is a European country.

You say "Good" in Yoruba language of the Western African origin as "Oda".

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