How do you say happy new year in german-?

Updated: 11/8/2022
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Alles Gute zum Neuen Jahr
Prosit Neujahr

Having just spent New Years in Germany I can emphatically tell you they say, "Frohes neues Jahr".
Frohes neues Jahr
Gutes neues Jahr

Einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr
There are several ways to say "Happy New Year" in German. The two most common are:

  • Ein glückliches neues Jahr! - This means "Happy" or "Prosperous" New Year
  • Frohes Neues! - This is more like "Merry" or "Happy" New Year.

Other ways of wishing someone a Happy New Year

  • Gutes neues Jahr!
  • Guten Rutsch!
  • Prosit Neujahr!
  • Prost Neijahr!

Happy new year means Frohes neues Jahr in German.

On a Party, when midnight has come and everyone's clinking glasses and hugging, it's common to say "Frohes Neues!" (short form of Frohes Neues Jahr) or "Prost Neujahr!" (Prost = Cheers, Neujahr = New Year's Day).

The more common translation of Happy New Year is Glückliches Neues Jahr
Glückliches Neujahr!
you would say:(this might be hard to read) glücklich neue Jahr meinen Freunden.

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Google translator states it as "glückliches neues Jahr"

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Q: How do you say happy new year in german-?
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