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The french word for horn is cor.

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You say "horns" in French as "cornes."

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Q: How do you say horns in french?
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Does a french horn have a valve?

French horns do have valves, but not the same kind trumpets use. Trumpets use pistons, and french horns use Rotary Valves. However, a marching french horn, a melophone, does have piston valves.

Why french horns are good?

French Horns are good because they teach you music and play ALL kinds of notes.

Is french horns curly?


Are Vournellis good French horns?


What do french horns look like?

See below

What instruments are in the key of f?

French horns, mellophones

Trur or falseEarly french horn were originally played on the hunt?

Modern horns evolved out of old style hunting horns.

Where did the french horn came from?

It evolved out of hunting horns in Germany.

What are the different types of horns?

There is the French Horn and a Bb Horn.

What is the french horn is made out of?

Most French horns are made out of mettle. Mine is made out of mettle.....

Is the French horn from Europe?

It is actually a German invention. I can't even think of a single manufacturer of so called French Horns in France. Most pro level horns are made in Germany such as the Hans Hoyer and Alexander brands, England where Paxman horns are made and the USA where CONN and Holton Horns are made.

Where are the french horns located in an orchestra?

Usually towards the back and center.