How do you say hot in German?

Updated: 12/12/2022
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Hot as in heat is heiss.

Hot as in spicy is scharf.

Hot as in sexy is geil, scharf or heiß.

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Q: How do you say hot in German?
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How do you say it is hot in German?

it is hot = es ist heiß

How do you say she is hot in German?

sie ist heiß

How do you say I am hot in German?

Mir ist heiß

How do you say hot coco in German?

Hiße Shokolade

How do you say im hot in German?

Ich bin heiß

How do say very hot in German?

heute war es wirklich heiß is how you say it! Bit weird but answer!

How do you say hottie in German?

that word doesnt exist in German, it is an American slang term. Some words that would be close though are: Hazey Frau (hot woman) Hazey madelein (hot girl) or you could say: uhn hazey (a hot one)

How do you say barbecue in German?

There is no German word for hot dog. So "a hot dog" is simply "ein Hot Dog" in German. If by, "hot dog" you are asking how to say that the dog is "hot" (as in temperature), you can say "Er ist Heiss" ("He is hot," where "He" refers to the gender of the noun, der Hund, which is masculine).

How do you say hot dog on spanish?

salchicha is the actual wiener, perro caliente is hot dog

How do you say very hot in German?

Sehr Heiss = very hot This you can use -for girls -weather -hot food (not spicy) -clothes So you can descripe things you like or when the temperature is high

How do you say Marcel can I have a German Hot Dog in German?

I don't know what a "German Hot Dog" is, but would be close. "Hot Dog" is an Englishism that doesn't exist in German except as a direct loanword; older people would probably call it a Würstchen."Darf" actually means "may," not "can." If you really mean can you have one (as in are you able to have one, not are you allowed to have one) then it would be "kann" instead.

How do you say its very hot and needs to rain in German?

Es ist sehr heiß und muss regen.