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je me lève à six heures

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Q: How do you say i got up at 6am in french?
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How do you say when i got up in french?

quand je me suis levé / levée, ....

How do you say you got up late in French?

je me suis levé / levée tard

How do you say keep it up in french?

"Le maintenir" is to say keep it up in French....

Does a teacher wake up at 6am?

If he/she like

How do you say 'I give up' in French?

I give up is " J'abandonne " in French.

Can you say up in french?

haut (pronounced oh) is french for up.

How do you say sticks up in french?

bâtons jusqu'à [ Sticks Up in French ]

How do you say the washing up in french?

Washing up in french is "Merde", hope I helped.

How do you say hook up in french?

"Connecter" Is a French word Meaning "Hook up"

Do I say Mary and I got up at 5 to run four miles or Mary and me?

Do I say Mary and I got up at 5 to run four miles

What time does Miley Cyrus have to get wake up for her show and stuff?


How do you say 'met up' in french?

'MET UP ' IN FRENCH IS ='RETROUVER'orit might mean 'meet with'.