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Te amo, marite future.

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Q: How do you say i love you future husband in latin?
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How do you say love me in latin?

Do you love me in Latin is ama me.

How do you say in latin- my husband says?

"Maritus meus dicit." "My husband says."

How do you say future husband in fijian?


How do you say love your husband in ibo?

you have to say ebos

How do you say with love in latin?


How do you say you love in latin?

Amorem is the Latin noun for" love", amo is the Latin verb "I love"(Ego) amo(tu) amas(*ei) amatamamusamatisamant

How do you say my future husband in french?

mon futur mari

How do you say you love your husband in igbo?

A fu'm di'm na anya = I love my husband A furu'm gi na anya = I love you

How do you say to in Latin?

-are Ex. 'to love' is 'amare'

How do you say my love in Latin?

amator mei

How to say i love you in latin?

Te amo.

How do you say 'i love him' in latin?

Eum amo.