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English: "little sparrow" is German: "kleiner Spatz".

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kleine Puppe is the translation in German. It is translated from English to German. German is mostly spoken in the European countries.

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Q: How do you say little doll in German?
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How do you say dollface in German?

Doll face in German is dasPuppengesicht. This might not be as flattering in German as in English! Hübsch, German for cutewould be better.

Say hallo to your little friend - how do you say this in German?

"Say hello to my little friend" is "Hallo zu sagen, mein kleiner freund" in German.

What did the doll's say in Pretty Little Liars?

make Jackie go away

How do you say little sister in german?


How do you say little in German?

Klein (e)

How do you say little fairy in German?

kleine Fee

How do you say very little in German?

Sehr klein.

How do you say My Little Girl in German?

My Little girl = Mein kleines Mädchen

How do you say Little car in German?

Ein Wenig Auto

How do you say little angel in German?

der kleine Engel.

How do you say a little girl in German?

ein kleines Mädchen

She have or she has a doll?

she has the doll is the correct grammar but you could also say she has had the doll or did she have the doll.