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Mailbox = Briefkasten

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Q: How do you say mailbox in German?
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What does re-directing email mean?

To redirect an email is to have it "forwarded" in a way, but not entirely...For example, let's say mailbox A sends and email to mailbox B. You can redirect any messages that go to mailbox B to be redirected automatically to mailbox C. When an email is sent to mailbox B, it will automatically be re-directed to mailbox Z, and the sender will still show as mailbox A, without involving mailbox B when mailbox Zwants to reply to or forward the message.

Mailbox Post?

form_title= Mailbox Post form_header= Personalize getting the mail with a unique mailbox. What type of mailbox do you want? *= _ [50] Do you want to replace an existing mailbox?*= () Yes () No What size do you want the mailbox?*= _ [50]

Who do you say war in German?

How do you say "War" In german? Answer: "Krieg"

How Do you say practice in German?

Tranianieren is how you say practice in German.

How do you say body in German?

To say body in German it is Körper

How do i say i have no siblings in German?

How do i say i have a brother and a sister in German ?

How do you get a mailbox in a new development?

The builder and developer say its the usps. And the USPS put the responsibility on developer

How do you use the notebook in howrse?

Go to community, the to my private mailbox and select the tab that say notebook.

How do you say My eyes in German?

In order to say "My eyes" in German you say meine Augen

How do you say Rosie in German?

to say Rosie in German you say Rosie :) i like pie

How do you spell say that in German in German?

Say that in German = Sag es auf Deutsch (informal) Say that in German = Sagen Sie es auf Deutsch (formal)

How do you say what in German?

The German word for what is was.