How do you say playing rugby in French?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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To play Rugby is 'jouer au rugby' in French.

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Q: How do you say playing rugby in French?
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How do you say rugger in french?

le rugby

How do you say touch football in french?

"touch rugby"

How do you say i like playing netball in french?

J'aime le Football.French call Soccer Football.Football will be called Football américain (american Football)

How do you say my best sport is rugby in french?

"Mon sport préféré est le rugby."

How do you say you don't have a rugby ball in french?

vous n'avez pas de boule de rugby

What is 'rugby pitch' when translated from English to French?

Terrain de rugby is a French equivalent of the English phrase "rugby pitch." The masculine singular phrase may be preceded immediately by the masculine singular le since French employs definite articles where English does and does not use "the" and translates literally as "ground of rugby" and loosely as "playing field for rugby" in English. The pronunciation will be "tey-rehd ryoog-bee" in French.

How do you say On Monday I practiced my Rugby in French?

Lundi, je suis allé à mon entraînement de rugby.

The french word for rugby?

le rugby

How do you spell rugby in french?

we spell it "rugby"

When did french rugby become an international sport?

Rugby is an English sport, developed at Rugby School, also played by the French

Why are Scotland and wales playing in their own stadiums in rugby world cup?

In return for backing the french in their bid to host.

When was French Rugby League Federation created?

French Rugby League Federation was created in 1934.